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On The Move

Broadreach Public Relations in Portland has hired Taylor Emhart as a public relations apprentice.

Emhart, of Yardley, Pa., will assist with social media, client relations, media relations, and strategic and tactical planning. Emhart is a recent graduate of the University of Maine. She previously interned in the WLBZ-2 newsroom and at the University of Maine Division of Marketing and Communications.

Tony Cox, co-owner of Casco Bay Frames and Gallery, was named president of Portland Buy Local.

Cox serves as chairman and co-founder of Bowdoinham Community Development Initiative. He is also a member of the steering committee for Portland Museum of Art Contemporaries. He previously served as director of community and economic development for the town of Bowdoinham.

Debra Tenenbaum was named secretary of Portland Buy Local.

Tenenbaum, of Portland, owns Front Porch Public Relations where she serves clients ranging from small businesses and arts organizations to film festivals and law firms. Tenenbaum is active with other arts and cultural organizations in the city and volunteers as the communications chair for the Hall School PTO.

Quincy Hentzel was hired as a director at Kemp Goldberg Partners.

Most recently, Hentzel spent 11 years as director of government affairs for the Maine Credit Union League. As an attorney and incoming president of the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce, she brings a multitude of strong business relationships to the agency. She serves on several boards including the Center for Grieving Children and Community Financial Literacy.

Dan D’Ippolito joined Broadreach as a production manager.

D’Ippolito was previously the marketing manager for Baxter Brewing Co. in Lewiston and the communications coordinator for Brooklyn Brewery in New York.

Brendan O’Rourke joined the law firm Thompson & Bowie, LLP as an associate.

O’Rourke will practice primarily in the areas of civil rights and municipal liability and insurance counseling services. A 2013 graduate of the University of Maine School of Law, O’Rourke joins the firm after spending the last year completing a judicial clerkship with the Honorable Joseph M. Jabar, associate justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

Danielle Marks was named vice president of Portland Buy Local.

Marks, of Portland, started volunteering with Portland Buy Local five years ago after relocating to Portland from Washington D.C. She helps coordinate member mixers for Portland Buy Local, co-chairs the Indie Biz Awards, and markets B2B conferences and networking events for The Smithers Group in Falmouth.


4:07 pm , 06/30/2015 Springborn Staffing

“Networking is fundamental to how I run my business and how I create relationships. I love Networking because it has given me so many amazing opportunities and experiences in my life and I have met some incredibly inspiring and nurturing individuals with the advent of social media. I learn something each day with every connection. Networking is something we all can use. Networking is something we all need. Networking is something we can all improve upon.” Bobby Umar

5:31 pm , 06/23/2015 Springborn Staffing

You’ve and your staffing company have invested time and money recruiting the perfect candidate for your open position. In fact, actual cost of replacing an employee can equal 150-200% of the salary tied to the position. In spite of that, 20% of new hires leave within 45 days, and you have to start the process over again. Partnering with the right staffing agency makes a significant difference, but don’ overlook the key you hold in your hand – quality intentional onboarding.

4:11 pm , 06/16/2015 Springborn Staffing

More and more companies are using contingent workers and, according to the 2014 Global Analysis of the Contingent Workforce Index (CWI), estimates expect the growth to continue, predicting as many as 64.9 million in the contingent workforce in the United States by 2020. While there is a down side to everything, there are multiple benefits of joining the “temp” ranks.

5:17 pm , 06/09/2015 Springborn Staffing

Polishing your resume? Don’t forget your volunteer work and experience. Many candidates brush it aside because they weren’t paid for their services, but experience is still experience. Furthermore, including a repertoire of volunteer activity reveals strength of character and indicates your compatibility to company culture. Your volunteer experience can be especially relevant for recent grads who have the education, but haven’t had time to build experience or for those who are re-entering the workforce after an extended leave of absence.

6:07 pm , 06/02/2015 Springborn Staffing

Millenials are the workforce of today. Although the actual numbers vary from one report to another, everyone seems to agree that the millennial’s population is now the largest. As Baby boomers retire, millennials are running the ship. Yes, Gen Xers, lie between the other two, but they lost out, having been born in the shorter time period, and during the time that the average family size was shrinking. All this to say, that if you want to create a strong connection between your employees and your company – a connection that creates retention, it’s time to engage Millennials.

1:26 pm , 05/26/2015 Springborn Staffing

LinkedIn – at 300 million members and growing – is the leading social networking site for professionals. LinkedIn company pages offer a can’t-miss opportunity for your company to promote services and share important updates with people in your field. It’s a plus for your company and your partnering staffing firm when you need top talent. Best of all? It’s free and easy.

Here are 5 quick guidelines to get you started:

1. Write a summary that sticks

5:45 pm , 05/19/2015 Springborn Staffing

Once used almost exclusively with high-level executives, non-compete clauses are making their way into the mainstream and appearing in unexpected places. Growing pressure is being placed on potential employees to sign agreements prohibiting them from working for the competition if, and when their employment would cease.

For companies, it’s considered good business, a way of protecting trade secrets and customer lists as well as a means to retain top talent—one of a company’s most valued assets.

1:58 pm , 05/12/2015 Springborn Staffing

Many companies rely on temporary workers to fill in the empty spaces created when a fulltime employee is injured, takes a vacation, or requests a leave of absence. Holiday and peak seasons, new project launches, or specialty projects also create a reason to hire contingent work force. Temporary workers are valuable assets – they help prevent burnout of permanent staff, reduce overtime, and improve the bottom-line. Knowing how to motivate and inspire them to give their best is essential. We have put together important keys to the process.

4:45 pm , 05/05/2015 Springborn Staffing

Whether HR is sorting through hard copy resumes or surfing from one LinkedIn page to another, he/she is doing it fast, hoping for that one resume that grabs his attention and halts his/her search – the resume that rises to the top with a shout of “Look at me!”

Just like you, every other professional, who is searching for a new place to make his/her mark, is hoping that his/her resume is the one. So, how can you ensure that yours really is the attention grabber?

First Impressions are the crucial component

5:02 pm , 04/28/2015 Springborn Staffing

Working in a cubicle isn’t easy – it’s supposed to create privacy and freedom from distraction, while still building a sense of team, but often can be a source of irritation, especially when the neighboring cubicle owner has lost all sense off office etiquette. So, whether you’re the one who needs a personal reminder, or you need a sheet to post on your neighbor’s desk, here are some tips for proper cubicle protocol.
Respect and courtesy: make these the bywords that govern your behavior and your conversation.