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Real, Inspiring Stories

Recruiter's Corner - Four Benefits to Hiring Veterans

By John Wagner,CareerCenter

Many Americans strongly support the idea that no veteran should have to fight for a job at home after they have fought for our nation overseas. Yet many veterans are doing just that, especially younger veterans who never worked in the private sector prior to their service.

Accelerated Learning Curve

HR Matters - How to Increase 401(k) Participation and Why It's Important

By Alison Hinson,

There are many good reasons your company offers a 401(k) plan and, unfortunately, many good reasons why your employees don't participate.

Despite all the current and future benefits of a 401(k) plan, many employees are too focused on their immediate financial needs to save money for the future. Given the performance of the stock market in the past 10 years, they might also be wary of investing.

The Impact

HR Matters - Six Ways to Keep the Winter Blues at Bay

By Diane Dunton,

The holiday gatherings are over. The decorations are tucked neatly away for another year. Friends, family members and colleagues are back to their routine schedules of work and school. Winter and the chill of February have set in. And you are still at home.

The job search that you were actively involved in before the holidays seems to have had its peaks and valleys. And with those valleys, the risk of slipping into the winter blues is not far away.

Recruiter's Corner - Your Job Is Getting a Job

By John Wagner, CareerCenter

Six months have gone by. You're out of work. You're discouraged, depressed, and possibly even angry. You've used every excuse in the book: "I'm too old," "too young," "overqualified," or "under qualified."

Featured Article - November: A Season of Gratitude

By Heidi Sawyer,

As the months get cooler and the gardens have all been harvested, we pause to give thanks to all that is important to us. Your team at wants to thank you, our users. Whether you are actively or passively looking for work, we understand that you have many resources from which you can choose, and for more than a decade you have continued to place your trust in us. We are grateful for that loyalty and will work hard to deliver the quality jobs you are in search of.

Career Solutions - How to Control Your Work Engagement

By Heidi Sawyer,

Labor reports are indicating that employee disengagement is at a staggering 67 percent, causing a significant disruption to productivity and morale. As an employee I have often found ways to justify my disengagement by looking outward when, ultimately, personal satisfaction is more often something only I can control.

Career Networks - Get Your Resume Seen with Keywords

By Shawn McGowan,

If you've ever submitted a resume online - either through a job board's resume database or by applying via an employer's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) - your resume has been entered into an elaborate electronic filing cabinet that can be searched by recruiters looking to hire.

Featured Article - Skills Needed for the 21st Century

By Diane Dunton,

Listening to a talk by Dr. Tony Wagner, author of The Global Achievement Gap, was a reminder of what is needed today as the American economy continues to shift. Dr. Wagner commented that 72 percent of our American economy is based on consumer spending, in which people go into debt.

He raises the question: "What will drive the economic engine in the future?"

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