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President Obama gives 5 million immigrants American freedom and responsibility

President Barack Obama in Maine in 2012. Photo by Ramona du Houx

President Barack Obama in Maine in 2012. Photo by Ramona du Houx

First Circuit Court determines young adults remain covered under ACA in Maine

The state of Maine must provide Medicaid coverage to several thousand low income 19- and-20-year-old young adults according to a ruling by the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

“We deny the petition for review and find no constitutional violation,” wrote the Court in it’s determination.

Maine Attorney General Janet Mills agreed that the federal government’s action was appropriate.

AG warns Mainers to be suspicious of callers demanding immediate payments

Attorney General Janet T. Mills reports that her Office has received many recent reports of aggressive calls from scammers demanding immediate payments on supposed debts. The common thread among the scammers is that they attempt to get you to make a payment by wire transfer or pre-paid debit card. Mainers should be very suspicious of anyone calling out of the blue and demanding an immediate payment of a debt, especially if they require that payment by any reloadable cash cards such as Green Dot Money Pak or a wire service like Western Union.

Study aboard opportunities with Maine CIEE grants

The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), aPortland-based organization, has made a donation of $20 million to help double the number of U.S. college students who study in other countries.

“The ability to move comfortably among cultures makes a difference between college graduates landing a job and finding a path to lifelong career satisfaction,” said David Fougere, CIEE’s chief operating officer.

US-China climate deal to boost global talks- Republican opposition can’t stop deal


FairPoint strikers take action against Hedge Fund Angelo, Gordon in NYC

The FairPoint strike in northern New England spilled over onto the streets of New York City today. Dozens of union activists descended on a conference attended by officials of Angelo, Gordon, the Wall Street hedge fund that owns the biggest stake in FairPoint, the troubled telecom company.

Maine’s bankrupt health policy hurts thousands

Medicaid-bankruptcy-7-3-2014 by Christy Daggett

This year, 1,300 Mainers will be saddled with catastrophic health costs. Here’s how it could have been avoided – while creating thousands of jobs and boosting state GDP.

ISSUE 42 – Fall

Community growth with local food and grants-

Farms and organic farms, on the rise in Maine with more grants – like Winterberry Organic Farm

Maine’s Speaker Eves calls for action on plan to help seniors with KeepME

Maine House Speaker Eves

Maine House Speaker Eves

Beautiful flora postcards of Ramona du Houx’s photographic art

Have you every wanted to send a card that you really felt the art work expressed what you wished to say in words?