Pine Tree Politics

King Slips, Summers In Striking Distance

The most dangerous thing for a candidate viewed as inevitable, is to have the halo of inevitability removed. Often times, like a balloon popping, once that one rationale for a candidacy ceases to exist, people begin asking themselves why they would vote for such a person, and can’t come up with an answer.

Hate the two-party system? Don’t complain. Change it.

There is nothing more in vogue these days than bemoaning politics and partisanship.

Ask 10 people to describe their feelings on politics, and most will explain to you that they think Republicans and Democrats are exactly the same and that neither offers a real path forward in this country. They will tell you that they are tired of all the fighting, scheming and politicking seen out of leaders today.

Presidential Trench Warfare

Mitt Romney didn’t get much of a bounce out of his convention.

The prognosticators on the left have declared, of course, that this means that Romney failed his test with the American people and has already lost the election.

The Storm Gathers in Tampa

Tomorrow was supposed to be the first day of the Republican National Convention, but I and the rest of my companions sitting her in Tampa won’t be gathering in the Tampa Bay Times Forum tomorrow as planned.

Instead, Tropical Storm Isaac has derailed the first day, and we will be squeezing the speakers and activities from the lost day on Monday into the other three days.

Eagle Has Landed

I’ve arrived in (what is now, but won’t be for long) Sunny Tampa, Florida for the Republican National Convention, 2012.

Maine’s Delegate Train Wreck

The Maine delegation to the Republican National Convention next week is a hot mess.

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention to this evolving soap opera – and trust me I don’t blame you for not – an internal fight within the Republican Party has emerged over who is going to Tampa to represent the state.

Help me, Cynthia Dill. You’re my only hope.

As more time passes in the race to fill the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Senator Olympia Snowe, one thing is becoming abundantly clear:  Cynthia Dill is the only hope Mainers have of defeating Angus King.

Not because she is a threat to win, of course.  I’ve noted since the beginning that Dill will be coming in last in this race, and by a rather substantial margin.

Up Loyalty Creek Without A Paddle

So, you may have heard recently that there is a mini-civil war brewing between U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe and the Republican nominee to replace her, Charlie Summers.

Constitutional hair ripping

I have a confession to make. The Constitution compels me to rip out what remains of my hair.

Not for what it is, of course. As a conservative, I have a well established love of the document, what it means and what it represents. I think that for all its flaws, it and particularly the Bill of Rights, is an ingenious and invaluable advancement in self-government and personal liberty for the world.

A new, and feisty, political culture in Maine

For longer than anyone alive can remember, the culture of Maine politics has been one of collaboration, deference, respect, pleasantness and accommodation. Republicans and Democrats, while philosophically opposed, always seemed to get along well, work together and keep the poisonous political ankle-biting to a minimum.

That culture is now changing.