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5 Things Most Businesses Shouldn’t Waste Backup Storage On

These days, business IT budgets are more squeezed than ever, and being efficient is vital. One area you can save money without sacrificing the security of the business is by properly managing your backup storage so that you aren’t wasting resources protecting files that don’t have business value.

6 Things Your Business Online Backup Should Protect

Imagine arriving at the office, only to discover that your computer is down or damaged and critical data is unavailable or missing. If you have an online backup plan in place, go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that your most important files and data are available in the cloud to be restored.

How Three Historic Forces Impact Broadband Deployment

Broadband deployment in Maine has been hampered by a number of factors, including geography, topography and money. There are bigger factors at work, though and we should take a step back and look at the big picture. There is a deep underlying reality that is going to shape our futures. Great historic forces are at work in the area of network connectivity and we all need to align ourselves with those forces or be swept aside.

Network Reliability Requires Sound Procedures

It is a truism that network reliability comes from people, not equipment. The obvious reason is that since people design the network, they need to get the design right to have it be reliable. The often overlooked reason is that any network exists in a dynamically changing world and must adapt. People direct that adaptation.

3 Network Reliability Pitfalls & their Impact on Route Diversity

In our last post, I discussed why redundancy / route diversity is the fundamental tool for building reliable networks. In this entry, I am going to go over some of the pitfalls of building redundant networks and how to avoid them.

Top Tools for Building a Reliable Data Network

Technology professionals, from in-house IT Directors to technology vendors, frequently talk about “reliability” and network “redundancy.” These terms may sound like jargon that only techies need to understand. However, every day, businesses and organizations across all industries become more and more dependent upon their networks.

Calling Kids With Ideas: Let’s Build-A-Biz

Did you know that 97% of employers in Maine are small companies? Today’s small business leaders were once budding entrepreneurs themselves, with great ideas that eventually became successful products and services, and companies that now employ people, and help our economy grow. At GWI, we feel strongly about supporting our local and statewide economy, which is why we’re proud to once again sponsor Build-A-Biz Day, making this our third consecutive year supporting youth entrepreneurship education in Maine.

A Community Hospital Gets a Business Phone Service Check-Up

Houlton Regional Hospital is a 25-bed acute care facility serving several communities in northern Maine and employing 450 professionals. GWI teamed up with the hospital’s maintenance manager, Bart Peters, to help them update their antiquated business phone service and bring a fiber optic network to part of Houlton’s business district.

6 Question Quiz: Does Your Business Need a Hosted VoIP Phone System?

Is it time to update your business phone system? Determining the right time and the best phone system for your business requires some thoughtful planning. Before you can choose a new phone system, you need to evaluate your needs. Take our 6-question quiz to get started.

Top 3 Reasons Businesses Win Bundling Phone, Internet & Cloud Computing

There are a myriad of choices out there for cloud computing and VoIP phone service. With so many competitors on the Internet offering free or cut-rate service in these areas, you may wonder if it’s worth bundling phone, Internet and cloud computing services with a local carrier. Not surprisingly, the answer comes down to the relative importance of service quality vs. cost.