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Former Auburn city councilor to be arraigned on child pornography charges

Former Auburn City Council member Joshua Shea is set to make his initial court appearance on child pornography charges in Androscoggin County Superior Court.

Westbrook firefighters battle 3-alarm fire

A fire was reported after 8 p.m. on East Bridge Street in Westbrook on Wednesday.

House authorizes lawsuit against Obama

The Republican-led House approved a resolution on Wednesday authorizing Speaker John Boehner to sue President Barack Obama over claims he abused his powers at the expense of Congress and the Constitution.

The vote was 225-201.

Republicans argue Obama's...

Livermore Falls plagued by copper thefts

Police in Livermore Falls are investigating a rash of copper thefts.

House approves bill to overhaul VA

The House on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a $16 billion bill to overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs. House approves filing lawsuit against president

Market Basket tells employees back to work or replacements will be hired

Market Basket will begin advertising for new workers if protesting employees do not return to work by next week, according to a statement released by the grocery chain's CEOs on Wednesday.

Dashcam video shows officer revive driver who had heart attack

Dashcam video shows a Kennebunk police officer saving the life of a driver who had a heart attack during a traffic stop.

Harbor seal rescued from Back Cove euthanized

Marine Mammals of Maine says the harbor seal that was rescued from Back Cove in Portland on Tuesday had to be euthanized.

Democrats, Republicans spar over Obama lawsuit

The House of Representatives is expected to move one step closer to suing President Barack Obama on Wednesday when it approves a resolution authorizing House Speaker John Boehner to file a lawsuit.

Search continues for gunman in Rochester, N.H. shooting

The search is continuing in Rochester, New Hampshire, for a man who shot a 19-year-old Tuesday.

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