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10:12 pm , 03/04/2015 Sun Journal

What's next: The Lewiston School Committee will hold budget meetings and public hearings before the May 12 public votes on the spending plan.

10:00 pm , 03/04/2015 Sun Journal

AUBURN — A Lewiston woman who told investigators she used hairspray and a lighter to start two fires in and around electrical outlets was indicted Wednesday on four charges of arson. An Androscoggin County grand jury handed up four felony charges against Jackie S.

10:00 pm , 03/04/2015 Sun Journal

AUBURN — A pair of men were indicted Wednesday on three dozen counts of burglary and theft stemming from a rash of car break-ins across Auburn. Scott A.

9:20 pm , 03/04/2015 Sun Journal

AUBURN — The Androscoggin County Commission unanimously voted to purchase four vehicles requested by the Sheriff's Department.

7:20 pm , 03/04/2015 Sun Journal

PARIS — A local man who was sentenced to 40 years in prison in 2013 for trying to kill his ex-girlfriend and her family is seeking a new trial, claiming his lawyer was ineffective in defending him.

6:20 pm , 03/04/2015 Sun Journal

ANDOVER — Jane Rich is recovering after suffering hypothermia and frostbite following a fall outside her home on a very cold Valentine's Day. "I've got second-degree burns on both my legs and my heels are the biggest problem.

5:30 pm , 03/04/2015 Sun Journal

Diane Bryant stands on the front steps of her home on Crest Avenue in Auburn on Wednesday afternoon looking at her winter-inspired art. "I am an artistic type of person and needed to do something to shake this winter, so I kicked Old Man Winter to the curb."

4:58 pm , 03/04/2015 Sun Journal

AUGUSTA — A new effort to raise the minimum wage is underway in Augusta. A bill sponsored by Democratic Rep. Gina Melaragno of Auburn would raise the minimum wage from $7.50 to $12 per hour by 2020.

3:18 pm , 03/04/2015 Sun Journal

AUGUSTA — The state's top liquor inspector told lawmakers Wednesday that legislation to ensure a pint of beer contains 16 ounces would be impossible to enforce.  Time-crunched and scrambling to crack down on more serious crimes, Gregory Mineo, director of the...

5:25 pm , 03/03/2015 Sun Journal

John Ward recently built a snow cave beside his home on Oxbow Lane in Lewiston. "I was shoveling all the snow from my driveway and porch into this gigantic pile and figured, what the heck, why not make an igloo?" Ward said.