Booth, Inc. Business Done Better

By Shawna Chigro-Rogers

Back the Booth Up!
Accounting - check. Bookkeeping - check. Business and personal finance management - check, check.

Small and medium size businesses make the world go around, right? In Maine, from the Old Port to the County, our world is even smaller. Marci Booth, President, leads her team of business and accounting professionals with the core value that each client is unique, and is the most important person in the booth, I mean room. (C'mon, I had to get that in there somewhere!) The Booth team approach ~ focused, professional and bottom-line driven. "Paying attention to details allows the business owner to focus attention on building and growing their business," says Booth. And the world turns.

Booth = Niche
A coincidence or not, Booth is more than a name. Booth is not a "small enclosure" but a calling; a niche. Booth, Inc. IS the Back-Oce HR Department; the CFO; the virtual oce manager. Booth handles everything from assisting with the creative business start-up, to administering accounting and payroll, to supporting administrative services. They will also acquire insurances and create employee handbooks. "We do a lot!" states Booth. "If you don't see it in our brochure - just ask us. If we can't do it, we know
someone who can!"

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that Booth is also the private accountant or household manager for individuals?! Booth IS that, too.

Calling Entrepreneurs
So you have a dream of opening that unique boutique ~ or that what-it-is biz? Great! Find out what it means to do business better. Booth arms, "We work with our clients to give them the time they need to run their business and live their life."

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Company: Booth, Inc.

Founded: 2005

Founder: Marci Booth

Industry: Business Management and Accounting


Phone: 207-774-4030