Gambling addiction: different factors

People who are addicted to gambling suffer from compulsive gambling. They often lose their entire fortune on slot machines such as, through betting or in casinos. Gambling can become serious due to the fact that gambling addiction consequences can be intense. Gambling addiction is an illness that can usually be dealt with successfully with professional help.

Psychosocial Factors

Gambling addicts often have low self-esteem from early negative experiences. Gambling addicts often report having a troubled relationship with their father. If parents do not take sufficient account of their needs in early childhood, this can have far-reaching consequences.

An important social factor is that games of chance are socially acceptable to some extent. The lottery game, for example, is not only publicly advertised, but also offered in many shops. This promotes gambling addiction. Machines for games of chance are not only found in gambling halls, restaurants and bars also offer them.

Biological Factors

The creeping development of gambling addiction seems to take place in the brain’s reward system. The so-called mesolimbic system in your brain is conditioned to the stimuli that the fast and risky game triggers. The mesolimbic system is related to positive emotions. That depends mainly on the messenger substance dopamine. Gambling can lead to an increased release of dopamine. The messenger substance triggers pleasant emotions, rewards these behaviors, and draws your attention to them. With excessive gambling, the effects of dopamine decrease. Because the body has got used to the messenger substance and no longer reacts so strongly to it. However, the player would like to experience the feeling of reward again. To do this, he has to extend the playing times or use higher sums of money.

Addicting the games

The addictive potential of the games is based on the way the games are structured and their availability. Most games of chance are played quickly and thus create a certain kick. The games also create the illusion that the player can control them and remain in control. If the player loses, the result is often narrow and tempts to try again. Instead of real money, substitute values ​​are often used, e.g. chips or points. The connection to the real value of money is lost in this way.

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The Addiction Level brought by Slots

Playing on Situs poker online or slots online brings almost the same experience when you are gambling with the real thing. The difference though is that, in the latter, it creates this sort of “bond” between the machine and the player, which eventually becomes personnel. The player is feeling the fondness for the machine they are playing at while some players feel irritated if they are seeing someone else playing in their favorite spot.

On the other hand, if the person is playing longer than they should be, telling lies regarding the amount they have loss and won and spending more than what they should have budgeted, then there is a possibility that the player has a problem. In the event that he or she is concerned about their gambling behavior and even at times when they’re away from the casino, then possibly, they may have developed a gambling machine addiction.

Basically, there are several tell-tale signs stating that someone is already addicted to it like:

  • The belief that you’re not playing with real money
  • Believing that you are going to win all the money you have lost on the game
  • Developing a bond or personal relationship with the particular gambling machine such as slots
  • Getting irritated when you are seeing someone else sits and plays on your favorite machine
  • Playing longer than what you have anticipated
  • Spends more than what your money can afford

Slots and its Addictive Nature

Alright, we already knew that gambling machines are quite addictive but for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on slots.

These machines are otherwise called as pokies or Video Lottery Terminals or VLT. Slots are designed to have 3 or more reels that will spin when the handle is pulled or button is pushed.

Everything in slots from colors, images, sounds and the likes are carefully designed to appeal to players, which is backed by music to amplify the player’s addictive behavior.

Instant Gratification when Playing Slot Machines

When someone plays and gambles on slot machines, they do not need to plan or even think on what their next move is going to be. There’s no need to wait for any cards to be dealt, the end of a sports event or horse to run and finish the track. Playing slots are almost instantaneous and you get to know immediately whether you will win or not. This is the type of excitement and thrill that keeps players from coming back.

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Online Gambling Activities and its Growth during Covid-19

No industry is safe from the wrath of Covid-19. This makes the gambling sector to suffer incredible losses too in which the impact has been tangible like the closure of different venues and the likes. However, there has been a distinctive trend as well which is in form of online gambling like kiss918. Covid-19 impacted the lives of almost everyone and changed how we live. Now, we’re beginning to adapt as soon as possible to the ever-changing situation.

No one’s spared from the effect of the pandemic. This only means that every business has been affected by it. Some benefited because of the high demand for their services or products and others were not so lucky enough and eventually forced to shut down. As mentioned, this occurred even in gambling sector.

Traditional gambling operators had to close in an effort to help with the containment of the virus. Even though, this doesn’t stops avid players from betting. Thus, they are looking for alternatives.

Alternatives to Gambling

Now, people are turning to the online counterpart of entertainment to be able to keep them occupied while sticking to the precautions of Covid-19 like social distancing. Online gambling is among the forms of online entertainment that has kept its performance even during this pandemic.

It appears that the demand for online gambling significantly increased from the time that Covid-19 became a pandemic and an order or a lockdown and quarantine. In a report, data shows steady increase in the usage of online gambling services.

Growth in the Online Gambling Industry

Base on the data released, we can safely say that online gambling services have grown a lot. This covers both gambling services that are regulated and are not. To such extent that this growth is related to the regulated services online, it appears that both online betting services and online lotteries have been managed to keep and extend their services even during this pandemic.

Probably, this is the most awesome benefits with regards to online betting services, primarily because of the necessity in locating substitute sporting products due to the abandonment of various conventional sporting events. It’s been reported as well that there’s been huge interest for betting purposes online like eSports.

While it is true that online gambling activities are growing, still it is better if we can find the vaccine to Covid-19 and everything gets back to normal and have all industries experience and enjoy growth.

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These Are Currently The 3 Games Indonesians Play

Poker chips and cards


Every man in Indonesia understands gaming in the country is prohibited. They also understand, if they’re caught betting on any match, the punishment can be particularly intense and do typically consist of significant fines and jail time.

Though this might lead outsiders to think Indonesians don’t gamble, this isn’t correct. In reality, gaming in Indonesia is as popular as it has ever been and is becoming more so because online gaming has become so significant in the nation.

With gaming being such a significant industry for most Indonesians, many of them have their preferred games. There are 3 leading games Indonesians play. At a moment or another, these have led them to become the most well-known games in the majority of Indonesian-owned internet casinos.


Though poker has just been popular with Indonesians in the past few decades, it’s skyrocketed in popularity since that time. So far so, more or less each black gambler has played at least one time.

This is most likely a result of poker being compared to other favorite Indonesian games such as Pai Gow and Domino QQ.

Indonesians also appear to enjoy playing the sport since they may play with it regardless of what monetary level they could manage. Additionally, there are thousands of poker rooms such as to join online. Regardless of if they wish to play first in the afternoon or at night.

The slot machines

Slot machine games are now among the best three gaming games in Indonesia and have existed for several decades.

This is because Indonesians being comfortable with lots of the games accessible, because of having played either in underground casinos in-home or while traveling overseas.

These very exact slots can be found in online casinos, Indonesians flock to these like everybody else.

Anticipate Indonesians to play games such as Cleopatra, Book of the Dead, Lucky Sevens, Game of Thrones along with the majority of other internet slot games players appear to love.


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Live matches

Live games have become hugely popular with Indonesians lately as if they’re online. They nevertheless give you the identical experience they’d have if they could play at a brick and mortar casino.

These live matches contain baccarat, blackjack, and comprise every fiscal degree of a gambler.

Betting online from Indonesia

In case you’re new to betting online, residing in Indonesia, but nevertheless wish to play, make sure you go to any internet casino only by means of a VPN. This way, it will be nearly impossible for anybody to know you are betting online.

It is also possible to deposit cash for gaming into an internet account through Bitcoin. This permits you to maintain your privacy whilst still having the ability to wager on some of the games you enjoy.


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Make Your Online Betting Experience Worthwhile

Engaging in online betting sites may have its ups and downs. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. The reliability of a site is essential in our online betting experience. Its features such as speed, appeal, and security have an impact on a user’s betting experience.
To always be at the winning side we have to choose a site that offers all the given criteria. Online betting g sites look for other ways to impress their clients. They want to make your betting experience worthwhile and superior. Sites like add some features to make it more attractive and reliable. There are widgets such as LivematchPro that can give you more advantage in earning money. To learn more about this you can visit some Gambling News sites to help you better understand this. always guides its users who log into its site. It’s tested and proven for many years. Its features will let its users experience the games through accurate visualizations. It’s dependable because it will give all the details a sports and gambling fan will need. The site does not fail to thrill its users. They offer all your favorite sports and casino games. Expect your experience to be amazing! It will give real-time experience and offer the newest betting odds.
Betting on sports even before the digital age was very popular. With this age, users find betting online more convenient and fun. There are many advantages to why to just bet online. It’s easy, faster, and more convenient. You don’t even need to have a desktop to do this. Placing bets online via your smartphone is possible.
Note, that there is always the right sporting and gambling site for every user. is well-known in this industry. It offers everything that you’re looking for making it the best place to bet online.
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Can the Gambling Industry Bounce Back after the Pandemic?

Let’s deal with the fact that Covid-19 has caused adversaries among industries, and even the gambling industry isn’t an exemption. Various gaming operators particularly from Macau to Vegas are reeling in and also, regrouping. However, they’re focused on doing the right things to guarantee a smooth and strong comeback. If you are an avid casino fan whether in land-based or online (토토 사이트), then this post is a must-read..

It’ll be a Bumpy Ride

Several gaming properties actually reopened already after weeks of hiatus in jurisdiction such as Macau show less desirable results. For the past month, Inside Asian Gaming has been performing out spot-checks on the volume of customers coming in different Macau casinos. Majority of the sharp drop in visitor is brought by the tight border restriction that was put in place in Macau since March. And prospects in Singapore or Las Vegas are likely to experience the same fate.

It is important to know that physical barrier similar to cross-border travel restrictions whether it is international or interstate, more so the limited options for transportation particularly through airlines but via buses and ferries in Macau as well as the quarantine requirements among customers who are travelling to or from these casino destinations are already and will have to make it more difficult to visit their favorite casinos like what they’ve been doing before.

If we are going to look it from its financial standpoint, it seems that there’s no sense for casinos to reopen again unless all entry barriers are removed.

Nothing’s going to be Easy

Besides, simply removing these structural barriers that are hindering access to gaming destinations will not create a guarantee that the casino customers will just line up at their doors. It is necessary to have a thorough understanding first to a post-pandemic gambling mindset. Resort operators have to recognize the stages that their customers would go through as they reopen. The long-term post-pandemic patronage will largely depend on the way gaming executives are responding both to their employees and customer’s mindset at every stage.

It is a no-no among casino operators to just assume that their player’s loyalty pre-pandemic would stay the same. At the initial stage of the reopening and say that there are no significant flare-ups of Covid-19 cases, the hope is that guests and employees will begin to settle in a behavioral pattern that’ll stick past the crisis period. And at such a stage, the operators of these casinos should reposition and promote existing offers aggressively. Otherwise, they may lose the chance of keeping their guests.

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Online Betting Sites – On Security And Gambling License

Asiabet carries a daftar sbobet terpercaya for players to play and wager in a safe and secure platform and betting environment, whether it’s casino gambling or sports betting you are into. Moreover, trusted sbobet agents will provide you with the best service including great customer support as well as protection with regards to wagering money and cashing out winnings. There are other reasons as to why it is good to play at the daftar sbobet terpercaya. Let’s have a look at some:

  • They Are One of the Best In The Asia Betting Market. Trusted sbobets provide the finest market for soccer betting market as well as handicap odds for its players giving them more chances of winning a soccer wager.
  • They Provide Huge Bonuses. They offer huge bonuses where their policies regarding it are easy as well as not troublesome to its existing and potential members. After signing up and placing the needed initial deposit, you could instantly avail and enjoy the various bonuses and promotions they offer daily and weekly.
  • They Offer Various Gambling Games and Sports Betting Options. Before registering in a gambling/betting site, it is essential to find out what they offer. With the daftar sbobet terpercaya, they offer a wide range of gambling games as well as various sports to bet on.

Online Gambling Sites – Security And Licensing

One of the most vital elements of an online gambling and sports betting site is security and protection. This is a feature that online gambling and sports betting operators need to improve on and pay attention to as this is one important element for them to get a proper license.

If an online gambling and sports betting site don’t have the proper and necessary license from a credible licensing authority, it is most likely a red flag that site is unsafe. Moreover, if a gambling/betting site used to have a licensed but somehow lost it, this may mean that the site has violated or breached the policies or rules of the licensing or issuing authority.

Gaming and Gambling Licensing Authorities

There are numerous credible gaming authorities in the globe. Listed below are gaming authorities that have excellent rating.

  • UK Gambling Commission. This gaming commission is broadly regarded as having a standard of excellence of casino gaming licenses. The gambling market in the UK is highly regulated and they have a policy on zero tolerance towards scheming and cheating. If a gambling/betting site does have a license from the UK Gambling Commission, it’s practically guaranteed and verified to be safe.
  • Malta Gaming Authority. Malta, a Mediterranean island nation, is an iGaming hub. Numerous online casinos as well as software companies operate from Malta. Hence, the Malta Gaming Authority takes issues on licensing extremely seriously as well as very quick to take tough action on whatever is regarded as unfair.
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commission. Gibraltar, geographically, is located in the tip of Spain but is actually an overseas territory of Britain. Although it rules and manages its own affairs, the regulations on gambling derive from the UK Gambling Act (2005) which makes a license from Gibraltar is as worthwhile as form UK.
  • Curacao E-gaming. Curacao is a little island nation found in the Caribbean and is home to a huge number of remote or distant eGaming operations. Usually, a license from Curacao is highly regarded, and while the rules and policies are a bit more flexible compared to UK, for instance, a gambling/betting site issued by Curacao E-gaming is yet deemed very safe.

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Gambling defined and the risk of addiction

There are many types of online gambling games that are being offered these days. People have been fascinated by the game of chance for thousands of years.

How is gambling defined?

A game of chance is a game that is not dominated by skill, but whose outcome is controlled by chance. Chance has a different role depending on the game.

In pure games of chance, such as roulette and various other dice games, the player has no influence. In games in which the player can actively trade, such as poker or black jack, chance plays a smaller role.


Taking the lottery as an example, it is a pure game of chance. The player can choose the numbers, but the numbers are drawn arbitrarily and the outcome is entirely up to chance.

Types of gambling

Most equate gambling with casino. There are many other types of games of chance. Roulette, blackjack and various slot machines are clearly games of chance. There is disagreement as to whether poker should also be counted among the games of chance or not. For many, this is a game of skill, similar to a sport.

The list of games of chance could go on and on, including games like bingo which can be found in 바카라사이트.

Risk of addiction when gambling

Of all types of games of chance, the risk of addiction is probably the highest in online casino games, and also the most uncertain due to the high loss of money. The pleasure of gambling also increases the risk of addiction. In roulette, you bet on a number or color.

If the ball is then thrown into the cauldron, the possibility of winning or losing puts you in anticipation. In this phase, the body releases increased adrenaline and you get a kick, similar to a drug rush. You want to achieve this feeling again and again by playing again.

The false belief that the money already lost can be recovered closes the vicious circle of gambling addiction. Gambling is not only offered in casinos, but also on the internet so escaping gambling addiction has become more difficult.

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Rate To Player Percentage – What Is It?

Various online casino games require much luck as they are games of chance wherein the house will at all times have a continuing edge on. However, this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have the opportunity to make some money. With the right casino site, the right games, and the right strategies, you will surely get that chance of winning and earning some money.

For instance, one of the online casino sites that many players have tried their luck in is Jackpot City. Looking at jackpot city reviews, the site offers its users quality mobile online casino games, huge jackpot wins, plenty of generous promotions, bonuses, rewards and much more. They have just about everything you need to have an excellent and safe overall online casino experience.

With a licensed online casino, you will have a good chance of winning on the games you choose as you are certain that their games aren’t rigged. Prior to being a granted a license, online casinos have to present all necessary documents and proof that their games are indeed random and that they do provide their players security especially in terms of their sensitive information and on deposits and pay outs.

Apart from choosing the right online casino, choosing the right game and understanding its RTP percentage will give you greater chances of winning.

RTP Percentage – What Is It?

One has to know the Return to Player (RTP) Percentage is how much of the total sum wagered on a slot game or other casino game would be paid back or returned to players over a particular time period. The higher the percentage, the more frequent you could win as you play the game for an extended period of time. Every single slot game and online casinos have their own RTP percentage and policies which they usually base on the average rate or value of the amassed RTP percentages of the entire the games in their library.

Which Online Casino Games Offer A Greater Chance of Winning?

Most online casinos provide its players a wide range of casino games, however not all of them offer good RTP percentage for players. So, to increase your chances of winning, below are the best online casino games that offer a greater RTP percentage which you should consider mastering.

Poker – 99.5 RTP Percentage

For a casino, poker is the least profitable game for them as the RTP percentage is constantly near 99.5, which makes it an excellent game for players. This is so as the casino that provides this game don’t interfere at whatever time, and that the result of the game is based on the cards as well as on the capability and skills of the poker players. Moreover, there will be winner at all times making the winning RTP percentage among players quite high.

Blackjack – 99% RTP

Blackjack is one of the most profitable casino games since casinos don’t affect or influence anything of the game’s future or result. The cards are totally random and the skills and decisions of the player is what would determine if they win or lose. With blackjack, one could either win or lose unlike poker wherein there is always a winner.

Slots – 98% to 96% RTP

The possibility of winning will depend on the type of slot you play as each of them have different percentage of RTP. Always check the RTP of the slot game you choose to have a greater chance of winning.

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Signs of gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is a serious problem affecting almost 15 million people in America and 3 million of whom are considered compulsive gamblers.

Some signs of gambling addiction

  • You cannot stop or leave the table no matter how much you win or lose.
  • You are gambling with money which you cannot afford to lose.
  • You lie about your playing habits.
  • They go to extremes to get money to play with fraud or theft.
  • Gambling is your top priority.
  • Endangering or destroying relationships, jobs or opportunities due to your dependence on your compulsive behavior.
  • Stress increases due to fear that someone will find out about your habits.
  • You apologize for your behavior when you know there is a problem deep within you.
  • You play more to make up for your losses.

Ask for help from others to help you out of financial difficulties

Gambling addiction can lead to a severe financial crisis, but it also has a negative impact on relationships and careers if not controlled.

Problematic or excessive gambling becomes a full-blown addiction when the player cannot control his or her impulse to play, and they repeat their actions over and over, even if they know that their gambling is harming themselves or their loved ones. They keep repeating various game-related negative and harmful behaviors, regardless of the consequences.

Compulsive players continue to play whether they are up or down, have lost all their money, or feel depressed about their actions.

How to treat gambling addiction

Plan your days and nights in advance so that you have a clear agenda of what exactly you will do before and during work or school. Make your days as productive as possible and focus on your newfound freedom.

Address the issues without hesitation and be honest with those closest to you about the issues you are facing.

It is high time for you to get help if you are addicted to gambling. You may choose to play online games such as judi online and enjoy it or play sports betting or gambling occasionally.


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Chain Reaction of Negative Events

Undoubtedly, the outbreak of Covid-19 virus became a worldwide pandemic and has deeply scarred the US casino industry. Employees from various sectors of the industry whether tribal, commercial and sportsbook all the way to the gaming equipment manufacturers as well as restaurants, hospitality and small businesses were heavily impacted. This even includes online casinos such as Bandar Togel Hongkong.

Several casino gaming companies doing operations in the US are doing their best to help American workers in these times of difficulties. Despite the near economic standstill brought by mandatory shutdowns, numerous gaming companies are making the effort to pay its employees and offer health insurance coverage. The American Gaming Association has announced that it will be supporting the swift government actions in protecting the safety and health of communities.

But also requires the same importance and action is how to mitigate the obvious impact of the shutdown creates which puts closure on several casinos both offline and online and laid off hundreds to even thousands of casino employees.

What happens after the Unexpected Closures of Casinos?

Well, in just a matter of days, majority of the casino in the countries has closed its doors and in fact, all of the 465 commercial casinos in the country plus 508 out of the 524 tribal casinos in the country have closed already. These 973 casinos in total are representing 98 percent of all the gaming properties in US.

And as of the time of this writing, the impact of casino closure brought the following:

  • Almost 650,000 casino gaming as well as resort employees were laid off
  • Casino closures are risking over 74 billion dollars in total annual wage for workers as well as their families

The Impact to its Local Community

The closure of casinos has reverberated as well across its surrounding local communities. Below is a quick outline of how it impacted them.

  • Casino gaming is contributing to over 41 billion dollars in yearly tax revenue and tribal revenue sharing nationwide. This helps in funding essentials for the community from fire responders, vital public services and local hospitals
  • Half of the jobs are supported by the industry’s non-gaming business like restaurants and other businesses – all of which were drastically affected by the closure of the casinos
  • Casino gaming is critical to various small businesses in the local area. Believe it or not, it is capable of generating 52 billion dollars per year in small business revenue which includes retail, wholesale firms, manufacturing and construction
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Online Gambling Market To See Remarkable Growth From 2020-2027

Before you begin placing bets online, it is imperative to be registered in a gambling site that has a good trust score, such as the best football gambling city (bandar judi bola terbaik). When you choose sites like this, you are sure to have an incredible time as you will be provided with numerous exciting gambling games as well as sports betting opportunities to keep you engaged.

With the online gambling market being widespread, a lot of gambling sites have and are cropping up. This makes looking for and registering into a reliable online gambling site all the more crucial. This is to ensure you are playing and gambling in a safe and secure environment while at the same time providing a smooth and convenient gambling experience overall.

Online Gambling Market To See Remarkable Growth

By 2027, the size of the market of online gambling on a worldwide scale is estimated to reach about 127.3 billion US dollars, wherein from 2020-2027 it would expect to record a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.5%. The snowballing popularity of betting activities worldwide as well as the online gambling’s freemium (free and premium) business model is amongst the numerous opportunities that have already opened up and will continue to unravel in the coming years.

Mobile devices taking on and adopting online gaming and gambling and effortless accessibility to online casino gaming and gambling platform are presently pushing up the worldwide online gambling market. Apart from this, other factors like the growing penetration of the internet and the obtainability and convenience of mobile apps for wagering activities and opportunities are also projected to be a contributing factor to the growth of the market throughout the period forecasted.

The spread of coronavirus has only increased the demand of people for online gambling which hastened the growth of the market size of worldwide online gambling.

According to Global Poker, there was an increase of 43% in the usage of websites of online poker in the United States when lockdowns and social distancing were enforced. And before the lockdown, 6.8% of the entire adult population in America (about 40 million) already enjoyed playing online or actual poker with their peers regularly.

Additionally, the ever-increasing digitalization together with secure options and alternatives for digital payment are also contributing factors to the market growth of online gambling. Furthermore, with cryptocurrency already being accepted and used in many betting and gambling sites, this will boost the growth of the market even more.

To provide users a more immersive and dynamic gambling experience, the industry of online gambling has now shifted its focus on virtual reality wherein peer-to-peer betting (social gaming) becomes a fairly new structure wherein players would be able to see and interact with each other at the gambling table  through virtual reality technology.

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The Philippines : A Rising Star in Asia’s Online Gambling Growth 

The phenomenal growth of online gambling in the Asia Pacific has been drawing much attention and the Philippines is very much at the center of it all.

Where licensing and regulations are important factors that Asian gamblers look for in online gambling sites, the Philippines established itself as the only government in Asia that can vouch for legal operators and apply gaming oversight as a service.

Through its special economic zones and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), providers of technologies, igaming content, betting products and other related services needed by remote gaming operators, are granted licenses as outsourced service providers; albeit subject to regulatory requirements and conditions.

Collectively, these entities are registered in the country as Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO), and they contribute as much as ₱6 billion annually to the country’s coffers. In light of their business classification as providers of outsourced services, POGO entities can offer their online casino games and betting products only to countries outside of the Philippines.

What Online Gambling Experts Say about POGOs

One of the prominent observers to the expansion of online gambling business in Asia, is Brendan Bussmann, Partner and Director of Government Affairs of Global Market Advisors, a Las Vegas-based consulting firm. According to Mr. Bussmann, the games offered by the online gambling platforms are influenced by the preferences of players in Asian countries from where the demand for remote gaming comes. The most popular ot which are baccarat, blackjack and sic bo (dice game), while wagers are relatively affordable, ranging from as low as $5 to $100.

Another observer, Ben Lee, founder of IGamiX consultancy, said that the licensed offshore gaming operators or POGO companies have the support of various service providers, which include IT infrastructure development and maintenance, customer and payment processing services, and video gaming feeds. Mr. Lee, describes the support system as one that allows officially licensed POGO firms to use software that receives igaming content and other marketing features, while allowing them to add their brand and logo as igaming operators.

Mr. Lee, whose consultancy firm is based in Macau with focus on Asian gaming industries, said that online gambling in the Philippines actually started in 2000, via businesses licensed by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA). He added that It was only in 2016, when President Rodrigo Duterte came into office that the licensing and regulatory aspects were transferred to PAGCOR.

The shift marked the aggressive development of offshore online gambling business in the country, which many, particularly Chinese businessmen, saw as a lucrative investment.


918Kiss : Example of an Online Gambling Business in Asia

Actually the system is technically known as content aggregation, in which a platform serves as a one-stop-shop for all online gambling components and essentials. In addition, features include measure that would flag signs of gambling addiction in customers. The latter is a regulatory requirement aimed at ensuring a site will sustain and maintain responsible gaming. .

A good example of this is the 918kiss mobile gambling platform, which originally operated as a sports betting site known as SCR888. In 2016, SCR888 underwent transformation by becoming a mobile gambling platform and by adding improvements such as the addition of online casino games and the required responsible gambling monitoring features.

SCR888’s transformation included rebranding via the trade name 918kiss and the addition of several online casino games deployed by major games developers like Playtech, WM, Real Time Gaming, Spade Gaming, Ezugi and a host of other Asian gaming content producers.

As a mobile gaming platform, 918kiss offers downloadable applications to users of smartphones powered by iOS or Android operating system, which allows access to more than 30 different brands of online casino games in the likes of 918kiss plus, 918kaya, Playboy 2, Live 22, Joker888, Suncity, Newtown, XE88, Pussy888 and LPE88

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How To Become A Professional Gamer?

Do you know that there are schools that offer Esports scholarships?

In the Tokyo School of Anime, you can now learn everything about the world of eSports in addition to anime stuff. Among other things, the school is training to become a pro gamer, making it the first in Japan to follow this trend.

You will be taught, for example, how five mouse clicks in a second or a 180-degree rotation with the mouse work best. The learning plan also includes strategies for the following genres: beat ’em up, real-time strategy, and shooter, as well as important techniques that should set students apart from other pro gamers.

In addition to training as a pro gamer, you can also take courses in eSports business, commenting, and event management.

Now, here are pointers to take in order to become a professional gamer

Points To Consider To Become A Pro Gamer

  • Find your motivation. As with all things in life, it is important for esports to do this for the right reasons. The enthusiasm for the competition, the desire to develop as a player, and the feeling of contributing to a team and a community are all good reasons to play.
  • Choose your game. The next step is to find your game. There are two ways of thinking here – either choose a game that is becoming increasingly popular or take an established game.
  • Become part of the community. Even if professional gaming is very much about individual talent, the culture that surrounds the game is also important. Before you spend too much time learning the details of a particular game, you should visit online forums and other websites where players meet. This gives you a better impression of the path ahead and you can decide whether the development to become a professional player corresponds to your personal goals and motivations.
  • Get more power. Make sure you play with the right equipment, starting with a good gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard. There are plenty of options for peripherals – with differences in size, form factor, and sensitivity – but you should choose what works best for you. For ideas, listen to what esports pros are saying about the gaming peripherals they use.
  • Training. Much like soccer or any other sports, you will have to go through training. In esports, you have to master the game mechanics. Focus on learning game-specific skills until you’ve integrated them into muscle memory, whether that’s the last hit in a MOBA, precise aiming in a first-person shooter, or the maximum number of actions per minute in a real-time strategy game is: These skills always remain important. Professional gamers tirelessly practice the mechanics to stay fit and make small improvements, but beginners should make significant progress with these exercises.
  • Climb up the ladder. If you want to be a professional, you have to have the ambition to win at every stage of the competition. That means you want to dominate the leaderboard in pick-up groups, level up in matchmaking, and be the last team in tournaments.
  • Find a team. After you have earned a reputation as a serious competitor, you should look around for a team. Playing with others – especially with people who are better than you or have other skills – is one of the most valuable experiences you can have as a player.
  • Take part in competitions to draw attention to yourself. In soccer, being part of the best team and giving your best is not enough. You have to master the game too. In esports, mastering the game is only half the way. The other half is to build relationships that will help you climb the competition leaders. Once you are familiar with more competitive lobbies, you should expand your network. Use your position as a capable opponent to build relationships with better players.
  • Stay in balance. While emphasizing the grinding at Esports, professionals need to learn how to match their daily training with offline activities. According to professional gamers we spoke to, a holistic training method – including good nutrition, fitness, and active social life – helps improve concentration and prevent burnout syndrome. A healthy lifestyle helps you stay motivated long enough to develop the skills that ultimately draw professional organizations to your attention.

So if you are really passionate about gaming, follow your dreams. Now, schools are making it possible by offering training on this very new industry. But do you know that with the birth of esports is also the birth of esports betting? Soccer gambling sites (situs judi bola) offer this type of betting opportunity too.

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Judi Poker Online Betting Increases Amids COVID-19 Pandemic

Although, the gambling activity in the UK experienced a downturn during the crisis brought by COVID-19, online poker still stood out from the rest.

Based on the data from Google keywords trends, the search history of the phrase “how to play poker” had increased even the start of the lockdown. But, a contradicting survey by YouGov, which represents UKGC, says that there is only 0.2% increase among first-time gamblers in April. 

The Report from UK Gambling Commission

From the very start when the COVID-19 hit the nation, the UK released a report last June 12 stating the clear point of betting and gambling. The activity in the whole month of March and April showed new statistical data. 

Those periods stated that almost 2% of gamblers stopped simultaneously. Generally, accounts under the UK are reduced by about 5%. However, these data are contrary to the previous report showing that online gambling climbs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, many gamblers place more bets online despite coronavirus lockdown.

Digging deeper into the data

Going deeper to the entire gambling process, it reveals that the stoppage is because of the insufficiency of streaming of live sport. Because sports gambling is put on hold, the entire betting industry dropped off. Yet, other gambling sports have put money to the trend.

The count of bettors for judi poker online had increased by about 53% in the month of March. There is also another 53% increase of players actively betting from the month transition from March to April.

Judi Poker Online Stood Out from the Rest

In the whole month of April, judi poker online immediately serves as a medium in the gambling industry. The study shows that online poker had a 70% increase during the months of March and April. This is in contrast with the 40% increase in casino games such as the slots.

Noting its humble beginning, poker just started with just a small size compared to that in casino gambling. Even though there is a reduction in the performance of gambling within the UK, the increasing data for poker contributes to the good news in the gambling industry.

Furthermore, the report also reveals that the entire gambling industry had experienced ups and downs during the three months lockdown. In addition, there are specific games that usually struggle a lot, yet some have failed. 

Although this may result in potential alterations, it remains to be noticed. Yet, what it shows is the full authority of diversity.

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