Can the Gambling Industry Bounce Back after the Pandemic?


Let’s deal with the fact that Covid-19 has caused adversaries among industries, and even the gambling industry isn’t an exemption. Various gaming operators particularly from Macau to Vegas are reeling in and also, regrouping. However, they’re focused on doing the right things to guarantee a smooth and strong comeback. If you are an avid casino fan whether in land-based or online (토토 사이트), then this post is a must-read..

It’ll be a Bumpy Ride

Several gaming properties actually reopened already after weeks of hiatus in jurisdiction such as Macau show less desirable results. For the past month, Inside Asian Gaming has been performing out spot-checks on the volume of customers coming in different Macau casinos. Majority of the sharp drop in visitor is brought by the tight border restriction that was put in place in Macau since March. And prospects in Singapore or Las Vegas are likely to experience the same fate.

It is important to know that physical barrier similar to cross-border travel restrictions whether it is international or interstate, more so the limited options for transportation particularly through airlines but via buses and ferries in Macau as well as the quarantine requirements among customers who are travelling to or from these casino destinations are already and will have to make it more difficult to visit their favorite casinos like what they’ve been doing before.

If we are going to look it from its financial standpoint, it seems that there’s no sense for casinos to reopen again unless all entry barriers are removed.

Nothing’s going to be Easy

Besides, simply removing these structural barriers that are hindering access to gaming destinations will not create a guarantee that the casino customers will just line up at their doors. It is necessary to have a thorough understanding first to a post-pandemic gambling mindset. Resort operators have to recognize the stages that their customers would go through as they reopen. The long-term post-pandemic patronage will largely depend on the way gaming executives are responding both to their employees and customer’s mindset at every stage.

It is a no-no among casino operators to just assume that their player’s loyalty pre-pandemic would stay the same. At the initial stage of the reopening and say that there are no significant flare-ups of Covid-19 cases, the hope is that guests and employees will begin to settle in a behavioral pattern that’ll stick past the crisis period. And at such a stage, the operators of these casinos should reposition and promote existing offers aggressively. Otherwise, they may lose the chance of keeping their guests.