France Regulation of Gambling and Gambling Establishment – A New Single Authority


There are different laws governing gambling in various places in the world. In Indonesia, they have set rules that allow bandarqq online. But in France, they implement new set rules under one single authority.

France, on 1 st January 2020 has been established a new single, independent regulator of Gambling and Luck (other casino games): National Games Authority (ANJ).

The ordinance n ° 2019-1015 of October 2, 2019, reforming the regulation of the Games of Money and Chance defines the perimeter of competences of this new actor of the regulation of the Games of Money and Chance (JAH).

The establishment of this new single and independent authority follows the authorization for the privatization of the French company Games (FDJ) given by the law of May 22, 2019, relating to the growth and transformation of companies (PACTE law).

Mobilized for a long time on the issues of excessive gambling, the Addiction Federation will thus be legitimately attentive to the various measures of supervision and regulation.

Indeed, the Addiction Federation supports the JAH referent pairs in their missions. Since 2015, it has been carrying out experiments in voluntary points-of-sale at La Française des Jeux. A first dynamic is based on the JAH referent pairs in order to promote risk reduction and early identification of players in vulnerable situations. A second dynamic, piloted by the SEDAP’s excessive gaming experimental center, a member of the Addiction Federation, relies on the community dimension, self-help, and mutual aid of these places.

In continuation of these experiments, the Addiction Federation, the Pole of Innovation and Experimentation on Excessive Gaming (PIEJE) of SEDAP, and the FDJ are planning to carry out a new pilot phase of 2 and a half years, extended to 9 experimental sites. The two dynamics previously presented will be implemented jointly in order to sensitize the FDJ sales network on gambling addiction, facilitating the orientation of a problematic player by creating the conditions favorable to a self-questioning of the player and allowing a behavior change.

High stakes and increased vigilance

Faced with public health issues, the Addiction Federation, therefore, congratulates the creation of this unique authority for online games and games in physical places of the French Games (FDJ) and Paris Mutuel Urbain (PMU) within particular high stakes around issues of combating excessive gambling, the protection of minors and the regulation of advertising.

Thus, the missions and resources of the National Games Authority are currently being clarified by regulatory texts. The Federation Addiction hopes that this authority will, therefore, have the tools necessary to fully fulfill its role as regulator, however regretting that the casinos benefit from a different regime.

In a context of the privatization of La Française des Jeux and despite a reassuring speech on the will to pursue its Responsible Gaming policy, addictology players remain however cautious and vigilant on the various signals emitted by this operator. It is of actions and not of speech that discernment should be made.