Play scratch cards online: Odds and tips


Everyone still knows them: scratch cards. The small bills are fraught with nostalgia for many, as they were all the rage in the 90s. Even today, many people still like to buy scratch cards at the kiosk, but online alternatives are also becoming increasingly popular just like The online scratch card offers a similar feeling to paper and has a number of advantages.

Online scratch off

The digital scratch cards are offered by online casinos, among others that have included them in their gambling program. Depending on the rules of the casino, you can try these either without registering or only after registering. Once you have created an account, you can access all the games on the platform. In addition, when you register for the first time, bonuses are usually given away, with which you can even play some rounds for free. The gameplay of an online scratch card is relatively simple. Once you have decided on one of the games, you can buy your first ticket directly.


Odds of winning with scratch cards

The exact chances of winning a scratch card are of course different from game to game, but it can be said that the online tickets have a very high payback rate to the player. Both slots and scratch cards have this rate, which says what percentage of the stake on average flows back to a player. If the rate were one hundred percent, the online casino would not make any profit, which is why it is quite normal that this is lower.

Tips and tricks while playing

Online scratch cards are particularly attractive games of chance and for several reasons: They are incredibly easy to play and do not require any strategic considerations, and you can make big profits with small purchase prices, which is not so unlikely with the high repayment rate. In addition, many players associate scratch cards with particularly beautiful moments, as these are not only given away but also appear as special editions for certain holidays. When playing, you can choose between different types of scratch cards. The first type of ticket has a fixed amount that can be won with the right symbols. Material prizes can also be given away. The other type of ticket has a multiplier that is multiplied by the purchase price of the ticket.

Almost everyone has scratched a scratch-off ticket with a coin. The tension is immense as you continue to uncover your potential gain. Now there are the small tickets online in the offer of some online casinos. The game principle is very similar, but the chances of winning are significantly better.