Where The Online Casino Is On The Rise Of The Corona Crisis

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The federal states have agreed on a new gambling contract. The state of Baden-Württemberg also wants to use this and offer virtual slot machine games from mid-2021. Especially in the current corona crisis, many people are distracted in online casinos. Gambling virtually on the machine. The business in the stationary gaming acceptance points is declining. There are a total of 3,100 in the state. The decline could, be absorbed with online gambling. The new legal basis should take effect by summer 2021. In the lottery headquarters in Stuttgart there will then also be computer technology that allows the acceptance point to react more quickly to virtual trends.


The current corona crisis has brought the world to an almost complete standstill. People stay at home or in office and cannot meet their friends in real life. This fact has given the online casino another hype. Even Las Vegas stands still. Otherwise there is hustle and bustle here day and night. Whether blackjack , slot machines or a game of roulette: the city of gambling is quiet  just like other gaming venues. Real gambling has been experiencing extreme losses for weeks. For this, online casinos flourish. On the one hand, people can distract themselves from the crisis and keep themselves busy; on the other hand, the adrenaline rush entices with a round of poker, blackjack or roulette.

This video discusses why new addictions emerge from the pandemic.


Everyone can quickly set up a user account at an online casino of their choice. Pay attention to seriousness. Users should look for a license from the EU and that there are free test games or a casino bonus first. Nobody has to go out with a large amount of money online. In times of Corona , visiting an online casino is just the right time, because dressing up and going out is currently not allowed. Visiting a real casino is associated with effort, after all, players cannot enter there in sweatpants . But in front of the home PC nobody sees how you are dressed. That’s the practical part of the online world. Everyone can play from the comfort of their own home and, with a bit of luck, hit the jackpot.


Not only the experience in the casino is shifting to the online world, associations and clubs are also moving their tournaments to common servers. No events have to be canceled. This is also confirmed by Rainer : “Chess is now played a lot more online.” He estimates an increase of 50% on his platform. Many new players are now using the offer because the local game round is canceled. Numerous clubs host tournaments online. “Spiegel” wrote in an issue that the Steam platform had 23.4 million simultaneous users . Another record number for the gaming sector. Since online slot machines will be allowed in Baden-Württemberg from mid-2021, the number of online gamers will certainly continue to rise like s188wins now gamblers can use their laptop, computer or mobile device to play casino tournament online.