The Addiction Level brought by Slots


Playing on Situs poker online or slots online brings almost the same experience when you are gambling with the real thing. The difference though is that, in the latter, it creates this sort of “bond” between the machine and the player, which eventually becomes personnel. The player is feeling the fondness for the machine they are playing at while some players feel irritated if they are seeing someone else playing in their favorite spot.

On the other hand, if the person is playing longer than they should be, telling lies regarding the amount they have loss and won and spending more than what they should have budgeted, then there is a possibility that the player has a problem. In the event that he or she is concerned about their gambling behavior and even at times when they’re away from the casino, then possibly, they may have developed a gambling machine addiction.

Basically, there are several tell-tale signs stating that someone is already addicted to it like:

  • The belief that you’re not playing with real money
  • Believing that you are going to win all the money you have lost on the game
  • Developing a bond or personal relationship with the particular gambling machine such as slots
  • Getting irritated when you are seeing someone else sits and plays on your favorite machine
  • Playing longer than what you have anticipated
  • Spends more than what your money can afford

Slots and its Addictive Nature

Alright, we already knew that gambling machines are quite addictive but for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on slots.

These machines are otherwise called as pokies or Video Lottery Terminals or VLT. Slots are designed to have 3 or more reels that will spin when the handle is pulled or button is pushed.

Everything in slots from colors, images, sounds and the likes are carefully designed to appeal to players, which is backed by music to amplify the player’s addictive behavior.

Instant Gratification when Playing Slot Machines

When someone plays and gambles on slot machines, they do not need to plan or even think on what their next move is going to be. There’s no need to wait for any cards to be dealt, the end of a sports event or horse to run and finish the track. Playing slots are almost instantaneous and you get to know immediately whether you will win or not. This is the type of excitement and thrill that keeps players from coming back.