Effects Of The Pandemic To Online Casino

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Owning an Online Casino with the COVID-19 pandemic may have a severe impact on mental health, and concerns have been raised about potentially increased online behavior and possibly increased (온라인카지노) gambling problems, such as in sports bettors at risk of transfer to even riskier forms of gambling during sports lock-down. The Covid-19 outbreak is the main reason that unlicensed casinos are so popular today, this is because of the maintenance of social distancing. Social distancing has become the new normal in the entertainment industry and many people are turning to online Casino gambling for entertainment.

What are unlicensed online casinos?

These are the casinos that are not licensed by the licensing authorities in the Netherlands. Unlicensed casinos appeal to players who want to stay away from the strict rules of licensed gambling sites. The providers of these online sites know very well what players want and they offer a wide range of extras, from more bonuses and other casino games to a wide variety of payment methods.

The increasing popularity of online casinos during Corona

Every industry has been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. The health crisis has had a major impact on the global gambling industry. Due to the coronavirus, many land-based casinos remained closed to prevent the further spread of the virus. One industry that has benefited from these measures is the online gambling industry. People who were sitting at home with little exciting things to do or lack of in-house entertainment decided to give the online slot machines or other online games for entertainment a try.

Is it legal to play games in an unlicensed casino?

To get started, online casino operators must be registered and comply with at least one jurisdiction or country. If they don’t, they will operate illegally. Moreover, they are not allowed to advertise specifically for the Dutch market. They can then be shut down, fined, prosecuted, and blacklisted. The users are free to choose where they want to play a game and can also access the online casinos from other European countries through the free movement of goods and people in Europe. But playing at an illegal casino can bring unpleasant surprises for players. If you play at an unauthorized casino, you may not have the authority to show when things have gone wrong.

What exactly does the new Remote Gambling Act mean?

The new regulations can allow gambling providers to enter the Dutch online gambling market, while at the same time enforcing high levels of protection for players. These are possibilities of the New Remote Gambling Act. Casinos (both land-based and online) and various vendors must use a central registry where all players are mechanically registered with their Social Security Number (BSN). Players will have the option to exclude themselves from all authorized websites. Once a player is banned, players will no longer be able to access sites and the operator will not be able to target them with marketing. The CRUKS does not apply to lotteries. Strict rules for sales and promotion methods. Mandatory age verification via IDIN. Mandatory participation in ‘control data bank’ (CBD) the management database of the KSA. This database can record all activity at online casinos and immediately provides the KSA with a tool to check the casinos.

Are Unlicensed Casinos Worth Trying?

There are some advantages to playing at unlicensed casinos. In an unlicensed casino, it doesn’t matter where you play, it is always open to players from all parts of the world. Benefits that come from gambling at unlicensed casinos include privacy, convenience, variety of play, freedom from restrictions, and much more. There are several advantages and disadvantages of playing at unlicensed casinos which we will discuss below.

Advantages of playing at an unlicensed casino

Unlicensed casinos offer many bonuses such as welcome bonus, free spin bonus, no deposit bonus, and high roller bonus, etc. Attractive VIP and loyalty programs are only included in unlicensed casinos. These operators reward repeat and consistent players for their loyalty to the brand. Variety is the spice of online gambling. Players should be able to access a wide variety of casino games including slots, table games, live dealer games, and more. They have games for the biggest to the smallest players including NetEnt Microgaming Big Time Gaming. There are several payment methods at unlicensed casinos including debit cards, credit card E-wallets and cryptocurrency.

Disadvantages of playing at an unlicensed casino

Please note that unlicensed online casinos are outside the legal boundaries of all countries in the region. You cannot turn to these government authorities if a dispute arises. A profit tax may apply to the profits you make. This applies to Curacao or UKGC licensed casinos if you play at MGA licensed casinos, the winnings are tax-free. These casinos do not offer services in local languages. So everyone should get to know the English language.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all casinos are closed. Many players have therefore switched to online casinos because they sit at home and experience online gambling as a kind of in-house entertainment. The unlicensed operators may not allow gambling on the Dutch market, but the Dutch government is likely to license foreign competitors. Whatever the end will mean for its state monopoly on gambling, however, there will be strict guidelines that every operator will have to comply with before obtaining a license. The new regulation may allow gambling operators to enter the Dutch online gambling market while enforcing a high level of protection for the players. Gambling at an unlicensed casino offers benefits such as privacy, convenience, variety of games, freedom from restrictions. Nevertheless, there are also disadvantages associated with it, such as problems with possible disputes, possible profit tax and the limited choice of language. Ultimately, the introduction of the new legislation will be a boon to problem gamblers, they will receive additional protection. For all other people who like to take an online ga