How To Become A Professional Gamer?


Do you know that there are schools that offer Esports scholarships?

In the Tokyo School of Anime, you can now learn everything about the world of eSports in addition to anime stuff. Among other things, the school is training to become a pro gamer, making it the first in Japan to follow this trend.

You will be taught, for example, how five mouse clicks in a second or a 180-degree rotation with the mouse work best. The learning plan also includes strategies for the following genres: beat ’em up, real-time strategy, and shooter, as well as important techniques that should set students apart from other pro gamers.

In addition to training as a pro gamer, you can also take courses in eSports business, commenting, and event management.

Now, here are pointers to take in order to become a professional gamer

Points To Consider To Become A Pro Gamer

  • Find your motivation. As with all things in life, it is important for esports to do this for the right reasons. The enthusiasm for the competition, the desire to develop as a player, and the feeling of contributing to a team and a community are all good reasons to play.
  • Choose your game. The next step is to find your game. There are two ways of thinking here – either choose a game that is becoming increasingly popular or take an established game.
  • Become part of the community. Even if professional gaming is very much about individual talent, the culture that surrounds the game is also important. Before you spend too much time learning the details of a particular game, you should visit online forums and other websites where players meet. This gives you a better impression of the path ahead and you can decide whether the development to become a professional player corresponds to your personal goals and motivations.
  • Get more power. Make sure you play with the right equipment, starting with a good gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard. There are plenty of options for peripherals – with differences in size, form factor, and sensitivity – but you should choose what works best for you. For ideas, listen to what esports pros are saying about the gaming peripherals they use.
  • Training. Much like soccer or any other sports, you will have to go through training. In esports, you have to master the game mechanics. Focus on learning game-specific skills until you’ve integrated them into muscle memory, whether that’s the last hit in a MOBA, precise aiming in a first-person shooter, or the maximum number of actions per minute in a real-time strategy game is: These skills always remain important. Professional gamers tirelessly practice the mechanics to stay fit and make small improvements, but beginners should make significant progress with these exercises.
  • Climb up the ladder. If you want to be a professional, you have to have the ambition to win at every stage of the competition. That means you want to dominate the leaderboard in pick-up groups, level up in matchmaking, and be the last team in tournaments.
  • Find a team. After you have earned a reputation as a serious competitor, you should look around for a team. Playing with others – especially with people who are better than you or have other skills – is one of the most valuable experiences you can have as a player.
  • Take part in competitions to draw attention to yourself. In soccer, being part of the best team and giving your best is not enough. You have to master the game too. In esports, mastering the game is only half the way. The other half is to build relationships that will help you climb the competition leaders. Once you are familiar with more competitive lobbies, you should expand your network. Use your position as a capable opponent to build relationships with better players.
  • Stay in balance. While emphasizing the grinding at Esports, professionals need to learn how to match their daily training with offline activities. According to professional gamers we spoke to, a holistic training method – including good nutrition, fitness, and active social life – helps improve concentration and prevent burnout syndrome. A healthy lifestyle helps you stay motivated long enough to develop the skills that ultimately draw professional organizations to your attention.

So if you are really passionate about gaming, follow your dreams. Now, schools are making it possible by offering training on this very new industry. But do you know that with the birth of esports is also the birth of esports betting? Soccer gambling sites (situs judi bola) offer this type of betting opportunity too.