Signs of gambling addiction


Gambling addiction is a serious problem affecting almost 15 million people in America and 3 million of whom are considered compulsive gamblers.

Some signs of gambling addiction

  • You cannot stop or leave the table no matter how much you win or lose.
  • You are gambling with money which you cannot afford to lose.
  • You lie about your playing habits.
  • They go to extremes to get money to play with fraud or theft.
  • Gambling is your top priority.
  • Endangering or destroying relationships, jobs or opportunities due to your dependence on your compulsive behavior.
  • Stress increases due to fear that someone will find out about your habits.
  • You apologize for your behavior when you know there is a problem deep within you.
  • You play more to make up for your losses.

Ask for help from others to help you out of financial difficulties

Gambling addiction can lead to a severe financial crisis, but it also has a negative impact on relationships and careers if not controlled.

Problematic or excessive gambling becomes a full-blown addiction when the player cannot control his or her impulse to play, and they repeat their actions over and over, even if they know that their gambling is harming themselves or their loved ones. They keep repeating various game-related negative and harmful behaviors, regardless of the consequences.

Compulsive players continue to play whether they are up or down, have lost all their money, or feel depressed about their actions.

How to treat gambling addiction

Plan your days and nights in advance so that you have a clear agenda of what exactly you will do before and during work or school. Make your days as productive as possible and focus on your newfound freedom.

Address the issues without hesitation and be honest with those closest to you about the issues you are facing.

It is high time for you to get help if you are addicted to gambling. You may choose to play online games such as judi online and enjoy it or play sports betting or gambling occasionally.