Rate To Player Percentage – What Is It?


Various online casino games require much luck as they are games of chance wherein the house will at all times have a continuing edge on. However, this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have the opportunity to make some money. With the right casino site, the right games, and the right strategies, you will surely get that chance of winning and earning some money.

For instance, one of the online casino sites that many players have tried their luck in is Jackpot City. Looking at jackpot city reviews, the site offers its users quality mobile online casino games, huge jackpot wins, plenty of generous promotions, bonuses, rewards and much more. They have just about everything you need to have an excellent and safe overall online casino experience.

With a licensed online casino, you will have a good chance of winning on the games you choose as you are certain that their games aren’t rigged. Prior to being a granted a license, online casinos have to present all necessary documents and proof that their games are indeed random and that they do provide their players security especially in terms of their sensitive information and on deposits and pay outs.

Apart from choosing the right online casino, choosing the right game and understanding its RTP percentage will give you greater chances of winning.

RTP Percentage – What Is It?

One has to know the Return to Player (RTP) Percentage is how much of the total sum wagered on a slot game or other casino game would be paid back or returned to players over a particular time period. The higher the percentage, the more frequent you could win as you play the game for an extended period of time. Every single slot game and online casinos have their own RTP percentage and policies which they usually base on the average rate or value of the amassed RTP percentages of the entire the games in their library.

Which Online Casino Games Offer A Greater Chance of Winning?

Most online casinos provide its players a wide range of casino games, however not all of them offer good RTP percentage for players. So, to increase your chances of winning, below are the best online casino games that offer a greater RTP percentage which you should consider mastering.

Poker – 99.5 RTP Percentage

For a casino, poker is the least profitable game for them as the RTP percentage is constantly near 99.5, which makes it an excellent game for players. This is so as the casino that provides this game don’t interfere at whatever time, and that the result of the game is based on the cards as well as on the capability and skills of the poker players. Moreover, there will be winner at all times making the winning RTP percentage among players quite high.

Blackjack – 99% RTP

Blackjack is one of the most profitable casino games since casinos don’t affect or influence anything of the game’s future or result. The cards are totally random and the skills and decisions of the player is what would determine if they win or lose. With blackjack, one could either win or lose unlike poker wherein there is always a winner.

Slots – 98% to 96% RTP

The possibility of winning will depend on the type of slot you play as each of them have different percentage of RTP. Always check the RTP of the slot game you choose to have a greater chance of winning.