Widespread of Online Gambling

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Online gambling is banned in Germany, but it is still prevalent, especially among young men. In a recent article, scientists report on the multi-billion dollar online gambling market. Their providers are usually based in countries where the game of chance is largely unregulated by law or tax law. Sports betting, poker ace (포커에이스), and casino games are the most common on the internet. Sports betting alone costs players from Germany about 300 million euros.

Online Poker Growth Market

Online poker games are a particularly fast-growing market. There was very little online poker in 2003, Fiedler wrote, and online poker is now widespread. One study estimated that the number of active online poker players in Germany was 581,350. About 305 casinos on the internet have a range of products in German.

It’s also easy to lose control of the game in front of your computer screen

Online gambling has high-risk potential. They are available 24 hours a day and are almost always “click” available. People who use the Internet frequently and for a long time feel that they are being dealt with in particular, and so are teenagers and young adults. However, practicing the protection of minors on the Internet is especially difficult.

Demo Site Encourages You

Many other factors make online gambling particularly dangerous. In most cases, credit or prepaid cards are used for payments, and the summary of bets made is quickly lost. The prize will be paid immediately and will usually be used again shortly thereafter. In many cases, there is a real “pursuit of the next profit” and the loss is not easily visible.

In principle, the factors that determine the potential risk of a game of chance are particularly prominent in online games. Many offers offer lures with a “demo page” that allows potential customers to initially play the game without stakes, “real profit”, that is, without payment. Many people want to win the game in demonstration mode to try out real bets.

Is my game still working?

The self-test provides the first signs. The shortest of these, the so-called “LieBetScreenTest,” consists of only two questions.
1. Have you ever felt the need to bet more and more money while gambling?
2. Have you ever had to lie to people who are important or important to you about the scope of gambling?