3 Online Slot Games for Motorcycle Fans

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From slot machines with cute animal motifs to slots that have historical backgrounds, everything is at Bocoran RTP Live. But the developers came up with the idea of developing slots for die-hard bikers. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the best slot machines for motorcycle fans.

Slots Angels

The first slot game you can play online is under the name Slots Angels in most online and mobile casinos. This is just the right game under the motto “Biker”. This slot machine was developed by the company BetSoft Gaming and has a total of 5 reels and 30 pay lines. Not only the game itself includes everything you know as a biker, namely motorcycles, billiard balls, US dollar signs, and a lighter and beard-wearing gang leader. It was also named after the name of a well-known motorcycle gang and you can think of the game as you imagine Harley Davidson riding bikers.

Also, the bonus features in this game are not neglected, because you get every 10 free rounds a party free round, which behaves totally differently than the standard free rounds. With the special feature Reel Re-Spin, you get a free re-spin every time you put together a winning combination in the base game. There is even a Biker Race in this slot game, a mini-game that is activated as soon as you land three leading biker symbols on the reels one, two, and five. Try this game because there are many more crazy special features. Click here for the best slots if you are interested in the other biker games that we will introduce to you in the following article.


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Reel Thunder Slot Game

The next game we would like to introduce to you as a die-hard biker is Reel Thunder Slots. This slot machine was developed by Microgaming and is mainly aimed at Canadian players. Nevertheless, you can also find this game in many of German online casinos. Of course, the whole game revolves around motorcycles, bikers, and roadhouses and offers every player a lot of fun. This game, just like Slots Angels, includes a total of 5 reels but has only 9 pay lines that have it all. It is worthwhile for every biker fan to try this game, although there are no bonus or free rounds here. Even if there are no bonus rounds, there is a wild card. The so-called Winged Heart.

Biker Pigs

This slot game with the theme around motorcycles has again 5 reels but with fifty pay lines most of the biker slots presented by us. This slot machine again has free spins and bonus rounds, as well as 5 progressive jackpots to offer. If we describe this game in a simplified way, then Bikers Pig is a wheel of fortune for motorcycle fans. You have to try to reach three circles. If you can do that, then you win a prize. If you reach three of the scatter symbols, then you are lucky and get free spins. Again, this is an interesting game specially designed for the bikers among you.