Thai PM’s Appeal to Football Fans Falls on Deaf Ears as UEFA Games Unfold


The Thai government remains steadfast in imposing and enforcing anti-gambling laws on its citizens by way of intensified crackdowns on illegal betting sites. Last month, prior to the kickoff of the much delayed Euro 2020 or UEFA European Soccer Championship, Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha voiced concerns that Thai football fans will likewise be resuming their football betting activities during the month-long football competition. The Thai Prime Minister has voiced an appeal to not engage in football betting.

Where 24 different football clubs in Europe have been battling to gain recognition as reigning football champion for the year 2020, the Prime Minister’s concern over increased enthusiasm to place bets on Euro 2020 is not at all unfounded. Sports betting especially on international football competitions is now possible even if the Royal Thai Police makes a sweep of all illegal betting sites in the country. Hardcore Thai gamblers can always find a bookie in any of the gambling joints operating in the border towns of Cambodia and Laos.

The more sophisticated sports betting enthusiasts need only to access online sportsbooks with their smartphones and everything can be transacted online. Advancements in digital technology, payment-processing systems and enhanced security in communication networks are making it not only possible but a lot easier for sports betting aficionados to place bets in remotely-operated sportsbooks.

In fact, the process has been simplified, no longer requiring onboarding customers to register via a third-party agent.   Instead ttey can สมัครเว็บบอล directly in order to keep private information strictly between the website operator and individual customers.

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society and its related agencies, including local Internet Service providers are under order to closely monitor all digital communications pertaining to online gambling activities. However, their efforts can be thwarted by online gambling sites that use Virtual Private Networks that encrypt all messages end-to-end. While Thailand’s local police have had some success in busting some illegal bookies, this has not stopped the operators from coming back.

Results of UEFA Games Toward the Finals Make Betting on Football Too Hard to Resist

The UEFA European Championship is nearing its last leg as top contenders England, Denmark, Italy and Spain are now the four semi-finalists vying to reach the final showdown on July 11, 2021.

The past games have been both intense, dramatic and at the same time disappointing for fans. The series of knockout playoffs had sent home world champions and European title holders like France, Germany, Portugal and Croatia, after getting beaten by several national football leagues that carried out surprising performances. Even Denmark is a surprise semifinalist since the club was forced to replace its star athlete Christian Eriksen, after suffering from cardiac arrest during the opening match.

Apparently sports betting is here to stay, which is why several countries have shifted their stance to legalization and regulation.