Many Gamblers Place More Bets Online Despite Coronavirus Lockdown

Despite the coronavirus lockdown, many people are still placing more bets online through trusted online bookie (bandar online terpercaya). This is evident in the first major study of gambling habits during the crisis. Findings raise concerns that online gamers tend to put higher bets on high-risk products like online casino games which may lead to the rise of problem gamblers.

Online gaming spikes during coronavirus pandemic

The survey shows at least 1,000 respondents reduced their gambling habit from the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. This resulted in the cancellation of sports activities like horse racing and football. But despite the corona outbreak, regular online gamblers are gambling more than they used to. Those who gamble only once a week find themselves gambling more.

Since sports betting is not available due to cancellation of sporting events, regular gamblers resorted to casino games online like 1xbet that offer a wide variety of games like slot machines and poker online. This is risky because these games can cause addiction at higher rates. Even casual gamblers said that they are gambling more than they usually do.

There is more and more evidence that online gambling companies will be the main winners of the coronavirus epidemic, so the government must keep its promises and review all betting laws as soon as possible. Matt Gaskell, clinical director of the NHS Gambling Clinic Network in northern England, agreed that the government review would lead to major regulatory changes.

“In addition to the banned conditions, we saw a destructive impact of light regulation and harmful mantras in the gaming industry,” he said. The “Gambling Law 2005” needs urgent action to stop gamblers from making money, to stop ubiquitous advertising and marketing, and to revise the “Gambling Law”.

In any case, the industry-wide plan has banned people from betting and since the start of the ban, the number of former athletes who have asked to stop self-exclusion has increased by 15%. Part of the reason for the increase may be due to the rapid increase in the number of registrations on the system, which has resulted in an increase in the number of approved people who can release suspensions for 6 months or 1 year.

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Knowing And Understanding Online Casino Bonuses

£10 free no deposit casinoAt present, there are numerous online casinos that make use of similar gaming software, hence they have a tendency to appear particularly alike and offer identical online casino games. What sets these online casino platforms apart are the bonuses they offer potential players and their existing players.

The £10 free no deposit casino, for instance, is a type of No Deposit bonus offered to potential players provided that they register in one of the companies that have partnered with. Essentially, this bonus allows newly registered players to try out some casino games and the opportunity to win some real cash.

Online Casino Bonuses

The bonuses, rewards and unique promotional deals are the biggest elements that differentiates and makes an online casino better and stand out from the rest. Hence, it is imperative to carefully look into the bonuses, rewards, prizes and promotional deals that a casino offers as they are a prime determining factor. The welcoming bonus, also known as the No Deposit bonus like the £10 free no deposit casino, usually has the largest difference between and among all the various online casinos there is out there. Therefore, take time to look into these bonuses when looking for an online casino to register on.

Since competition in the digital world is fierce and tough, online casinos need to come up with creative, exciting and unique ways to entice as well as retain their existing client base. Online casinos offer their new and existing patrons special and limited but worthwhile offers to increase conversion and loyalty. Essentially, a free bonus, in numerous forms, equates to free cash, meaning users play more and play longer compared to when the bonus wasn’t presented.

What to Consider In terms of Bonuses?

Many players who aren’t new to online casino usually make relatively small deposits. If this is the circumstance, they don’t go for a casino that offers the biggest bonus, but rather go with the online casino that offers the best bonus.

For a lot of online casino novices looking for an online casino platform, they are more inclined to base their decisions entirely on the offered bonuses. Hence, it is important to know that many of these bonuses only materializes once whereas others are on a limited time offer. So, pick an online casino with the best and worthwhile bonuses. Consider factors such as loyalty points and reload bonus that are frequently and regular offered.

Besides the amount, players also have to take into consideration the wagering requirements of the bonus. Although bonuses look attractive, the wagering requirement may be enormous. Hence, players have to carefully read through the terms and conditions of the bonus like the playthrough or wagering requirements as well as their rules on cashing out these bonuses. As most online casinos have these, make sure you take time to read and understand everything that surrounds these bonuses.


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Understanding How Free Spins Work

For beginners or interested players, they are probably asking how this free spins work. A lot of online gaming site offers them that is why it is better to choose a site that is reliable in giving real and legit prices, not just faux to drive them website traffic.

Basically, online casinos will have to require your email address, your name and location and a lot more to qualify to play the game and win. Others also require you to give a minimum deposit before you cash out your winnings and prizes, this is to identify your legibility.

Truth is, that is what only online casinos ask of you. A little personal information to win.
the truth is, while you will have to give your email address, that’s about all you will have to give up. Free spins on signup are usually exactly what – a free chance to try a particular game and possibly win some money.

All you will need to do to receive your risk-free games is register with your basic information, You are not even required to do a full registration with bank details not until you decide to deposit and withdraw to play the actual poker games. If you are, at some point, bothered about promotions coming in your inbox, then you can always have the option to separately use an email address for it. You can use other email address that is of no use to you.

Get Your Free Slot Machines with Free Spins

It is hard to identify which site is real and which site is a fraud. That is why it is vital to choose a reliable website to give you an overview of some of the trusted and reliable websites in giving you the benefit of using free slot machines with free spins.

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Does Covid-19 Opened a Chance for Growth to Online Casinos or is it another Problem to be Overcome?

With all the situation and things, almost every industry is affected by the outbreak of Covid-19 virus. The same is true with land-based casinos and even slot online sites. It is just that, the online gambling industry is a step ahead over its counterpart. It is perfect for social distancing and quarantining orders of the government. People can pick among the different trusted and established casinos online to play games like slots, video poker, Blackjack and several others right from the safety and comfort of their home.

Is it an Area of Opportunity?

Online casino industry is already strong and robust, no doubt about that. Still, amidst the situation it is being expected to see increase in traffic due to the virus. Millions of people worldwide are confined in their homes and perhaps out of stress, boredom or the possibility to make additional income, many turns to online gambling.

In this unprecedented time, online casinos will likely cast a shadow in sports betting. With all of the sports competitions put on hold until further notice, sports bettors are in no rush of spending big sum of money at any online bookmakers and bookmaker sites. Gamblers who have a solid and strong financial foundation are likely to resort to online casinos.

A study performed at how Covid-19 has by far impacted the industry highlighted the virus’ negative impact on gambling operators including:

  • William Hill’s shares have been halved since February 21.
  • Flutter Entertainment who’s the parent company of Paddy Power Betfair has suffered from a 15 percent drop in its shares
  • Playtech, one of the top software providers for online casinos are experiencing sharp drop too in share by more than 15 percent

Everyone else is Taking Action

Businesses and customers alike are making drastic and bold moves in handling Covid-19 situation. While people have more time to spare to gamble online, they’re more hesitant as well to spend money in these trying times. Because of this, online casinos are looking to offer generous bonuses in an effort to attract new clients and keep the business running. In fact, some even offer a no deposit bonus, all in efforts of getting people to play.

As for bookmakers online, they are limited with what they could offer. Bookmakers have even turned to virtual sports in order to fill in the void that’s left by mainstream sports. They’re heavily advertising and marketing lesser-known events.

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France Regulation of Gambling and Gambling Establishment – A New Single Authority

There are different laws governing gambling in various places in the world. In Indonesia, they have set rules that allow bandarqq online. But in France, they implement new set rules under one single authority.

France, on 1 st January 2020 has been established a new single, independent regulator of Gambling and Luck (other casino games): National Games Authority (ANJ).

The ordinance n ° 2019-1015 of October 2, 2019, reforming the regulation of the Games of Money and Chance defines the perimeter of competences of this new actor of the regulation of the Games of Money and Chance (JAH).

The establishment of this new single and independent authority follows the authorization for the privatization of the French company Games (FDJ) given by the law of May 22, 2019, relating to the growth and transformation of companies (PACTE law).

Mobilized for a long time on the issues of excessive gambling, the Addiction Federation will thus be legitimately attentive to the various measures of supervision and regulation.

Indeed, the Addiction Federation supports the JAH referent pairs in their missions. Since 2015, it has been carrying out experiments in voluntary points-of-sale at La Française des Jeux. A first dynamic is based on the JAH referent pairs in order to promote risk reduction and early identification of players in vulnerable situations. A second dynamic, piloted by the SEDAP’s excessive gaming experimental center, a member of the Addiction Federation, relies on the community dimension, self-help, and mutual aid of these places.

In continuation of these experiments, the Addiction Federation, the Pole of Innovation and Experimentation on Excessive Gaming (PIEJE) of SEDAP, and the FDJ are planning to carry out a new pilot phase of 2 and a half years, extended to 9 experimental sites. The two dynamics previously presented will be implemented jointly in order to sensitize the FDJ sales network on gambling addiction, facilitating the orientation of a problematic player by creating the conditions favorable to a self-questioning of the player and allowing a behavior change.

High stakes and increased vigilance

Faced with public health issues, the Addiction Federation, therefore, congratulates the creation of this unique authority for online games and games in physical places of the French Games (FDJ) and Paris Mutuel Urbain (PMU) within particular high stakes around issues of combating excessive gambling, the protection of minors and the regulation of advertising.

Thus, the missions and resources of the National Games Authority are currently being clarified by regulatory texts. The Federation Addiction hopes that this authority will, therefore, have the tools necessary to fully fulfill its role as regulator, however regretting that the casinos benefit from a different regime.

In a context of the privatization of La Française des Jeux and despite a reassuring speech on the will to pursue its Responsible Gaming policy, addictology players remain however cautious and vigilant on the various signals emitted by this operator. It is of actions and not of speech that discernment should be made.

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Sports Betting is Awesome if You Know these Things

Let us all admit it that watching sports is just among the best pastimes or, hobby for most men in the world. On the other hand, not only men but there are increasing number of women as well who enjoy watching sports these days. There’s nothing better than having to end your day knowing that your favorite sports team has won.

Then again, there’s something that you can do to make things more exciting and fun while watching sports. Many would say that this is best done through sports betting. Placing a bet onto your favorite team will make the viewing of the sports even more thrilling since you know that there’s something at stake. This includes both financial and emotional element of watching the sport.

Sports Betting is Great, if it’s done Right

Much like everything you do in life, sports betting could be an awesome source of entertainment as well as frustration. If you like to make watching sports even more exciting, then you better do it right. To give you an example, if you have decided to play in an online casino such as Sagame, then you certainly want to know the games that offered and how to play each of them. Likewise with sports betting, you ought to find reliable resources and figure out how you can do it before you bet on the sports you want.

Seeking for Adventure

Among the major reasons why people are betting on sports is that, they are seeking for adventure. As a matter of fact, watching sports might or might not be adventurous. This will depend largely on how involved you are going to be. By betting on an event, it can help in increasing your level of uncertainty, which made everything so exciting.

When betting on sports, you have to know that winning isn’t always a guarantee. Still, this doesn’t stop people from betting on regular basis. Well, not of course now, due to the pandemic that the world is dealing with.

Potential Financial Gain

Despite the fact that money isn’t a decisive factor when opting to bet on sports, still it plays a big role. Nobody and nothing could guarantee that you’ll win your bet. But, knowing the fact that there’s a probability that you can take profit by simply watching the sports is enough reason for people to keep going and keep betting on their favorite teams.

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Moving U.S. Lotteries Online Due To Corona Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has greatly affected many industries big or small. The travel industry has been hit hard and it has affected many hotel industries including casino resorts. In Palm Springs, California, a digital sign blinks on the Agua Caliente Casino shopping center that reads “We will get through this together Coachella Valley.” No business had been exempted from this pandemic.

In the SBC Digital summit, the discussion about the corona pandemic may lead lotteries in the United States to a major digital transformation.

Coronavirus Emergency Digital Transformation Plan

Barry Pack, CEO of the Oregon Lottery Company, discussed the American lottery during the coronavirus outbreak and considered the best way to recover the lottery online. Since 2019, Oregon has started sports betting through the scoreboard lottery application, which is available on Chinook Winds Tribal Casino and mobile devices nationwide.

But even with the developments in Lotteries, the state had been very sluggish to digital transformation. However, Pack said this is going to change. The CEO of the Oregon Lottery said: “I believe that recovering from this pandemic will push digital transformation in the lotteries at a much faster rate than we usually see.

“The road map started with mobile sports betting and plan to switch to other forms of digital games. At first, our legislators encountered some problems, but when they met at a special meeting and realized the deficit was 1 billion USD, Their resistance to gaming online maybe reduced.”

With gambling set on a digital platform, there could still be some people to oppose this. But to rely on a landbased sales channel is not the best way to move forward particularly in the next two years. so the call to fast transformation to digital format is possible. And there could be creative ways to work with landbased partners.

Gordon Medenica, director of Maryland Lottery and Gaming, agreed and reiterated that his state must go live online. This move may not be permitted at the moment because a law had been implemented three years ago that prohibits lottery sales online. Medenica also said that this could be a great change in the lotteries.

People understand that there is no real difference when lotteries are sold online or in any other place. Both sales channels still post a danger. If there’s anything that could be done to manage this, it is to enforce responsible gaming.

Digital transformation is a trend for many businesses. And it is no different with lotteries. The move to a digital environment could be the only way to recuperate from the huge deficit the industry is currently facing.

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Must-Do for Agen Poker Online

Basically, beginners of an agen poker game must be totally selective and know how to spot fake online casinos. You must have to understand that you are in a professional industry. And, of course, you will definitely make money no matter the things you have, just remember that you are under a fantastic hand. 

Just a simple logic, having a good set of cards means that you would be the best.

There are lots of online sites for poker that’s why you must be very selective. It will lead to cost-efficiency and less hassle once you play your favorite game over the web. Moreover, going after reputable online poker sites offers a good environment for winning compared to gambling at traditional casinos. 

Understanding Poker

Playing poker is not hard at all. However, gambling for it initially needs to play it over the internet. Since there are a number of casinos online, opting for an internet casino is really challenging.

Meanwhile, being a regular poker player means that you desire for an internet casino that gives more free games that comes in between games of betting. Usually, the common selection adheres along with the quantity that players want to bet even the minimums are not met. This is because of the absence of operating costs at online casinos.

Hearsay and Agen Poker Online

All the games of poker comply and deal technically with the policies and standard procedures of the casino whether online or on-site. Moreover, there are still things required just to comprehend with the game. Judi online casinos entail various benefits that can increase the enjoyment of the player.

Having the privilege for a poker game means that you must undergo registration which is the thing that you must have to deal with. Yet, starting it should be completely finished until the end of the process. Another important thing to look for is the direction going to the betting market once you finish the deposit process. 

There should be a creation of an appropriate technique prior to entering into a virtual casino.

Further, keep in mind that the main objective of betting is, basically, winning. The general rule is to select for the appropriate games at the very beginning. On the other hand, do not play as quickly as you can because it will surely be a sign of a bluff around the games of poker. 

Once already on the site, click on the button indicating “Play Now“. After that, the software will be initiated right away. Subsequent to that, it will be initially downloaded.

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Launching an Online Casino Business

In an effort to operate and run a gambling business, there are 3 things that have to be taken into consideration to obtain a license and any online casinos secured one like judi online. These will significantly vary on the approach to regulation as well as jurisdiction.

In reality, there are couple of approaches when it comes to regulation and these are:

  • Principle based approach and;
  • Rules based approach

This results to having different types of regimes. Thus, the cost structures in order to acquire and to keep a license will vary as well. As for the former, it has a tendency to have more expensive entry while rules based approach is often associated with higher operation cost.

3 Elements of Applying a Casino License

As mentioned earlier, there are 3 things to be considered when obtaining a license and the following are the following:

Number 1. Process of Application

Majority of the license applications are associated with expensive advisor/legal bill in which the size will vary on the applicant and how sophisticated the business is. There’s going to be legal disclosure that is required on directors as well as business owners. At the same time, you’ll be required to present a business plan and to demonstrate how you’ll be addressing key regulatory requirements including but not limited to:

  • Safe custody of customer funds
  • Anti-money laundering and;
  • Social responsibility

On top of this would be the cost of technology and the hosting provider which might be an expensive and time-consuming process.

Number 2. License Itself

The license fees have the tendency to reflect the government’s fiscal attitude than the regulatory regime itself. To give you an example, license in Alderney have a fixed rate which will vary on the size of your business and they are not charging gambling tax onto the revenue. But for this license, you are most likely looking at 75,000 dollars worth of fee on the licensing annually.

Others similar to Gibraltar will have minimum fee of 105k dollars on 1 percent of the casino’s revenue all the way to 515,000 dollars annually.

Number 3. Compliance

This particular cost element is typically disregarded which could be painful on the end of the casino owners. You have to find out how much it’ll cost you in retaining your license per year. The cost of compliance report consists of monthly data to regulator, inspection cost, ongoing certification of new game titles and having a random number generator reseeded and to be recertify regularly.

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How to Spot Fake Online Casinos

Since the heavy competition is present in the online casino world, almost every site is also offering free spins just to say they are legit. However, here are the top 3 tips on how you can fake casinos offering dodgy prices, and pirated games.


Unlicensed Online Casino

Just like in a real-life casino, online casinos must also have an operating license to prove they are legit. License is mandated around the world for all countries having online casinos. Although a site can still be legit even without a license, just to make sure you must ensure you are with a more trusted site that could show that they are licensed.


You can simply search the name of the site and see if there are any scandals posted or reviewed for them by their players. This can be a good thing to spot whether or not they are legitimate or they are a fraud. 

Most fake casinos don’t pay winnings or don’t give the bonuses players have won. Meanwhile, if you spot a well-reviewed casino and have been running for years with a good reputation then that should a go signal.

Mode of Deposits

Now, here’s the most tricky part, most online casinos partners with Paypal because PayPal doesn’t just partner with any brand or company online. So if you see a Paypal option, basically that online casino may be real and legit.

However, the easiest way to identify if the site is fraud or not is the lack of options to deposit. If they only have one option to deposit, then that means they maybe are fake. Casinos should be able to give multiple options to deposit. There should be at least one credit card, PayPal, bitcoin, money transfer, or a prepaid voucher system.

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Effective and Easy Poker Tips

Online poker is just one of the many things you can take have as a job online. Today, these four quick tips will be of help to make sure that you are doing right at getting a good and valuable return on investment and making rounds of money on the table.

Let’s start….

1.Study the aspects of the game

Study all aspects of the game. You must be a guru at gambling. It’s not just enough that you know the game, you know how to play it, you know the basics and the rules. It’s best that you scrabble more of it and do a lot of research.

2. Prove you’re a winning player

Winning once is not an ideal reason to declare that you’re an expert. Before making online gambling as a way of living, you have to first prove to yourself that you know how to be a profitable online poker player. That you know the tricks, the ways, or the techniques on how to rule the game and turns tables and favors.

3. Be a realistic player

Now be realistic, it’s best for you to try and figure out how many hands or tournaments you will need to play and win in order to match your previous salary. Having poker gambling as a way of living is definitely different than those of your previous job. You need to make sure that you are really realistic at choosing it.

4.Act Professional

It is quite definite that you must have a professional attitude towards the game, even if the tournament is played online. One way to know that you are being professional is that you are disciplined. And you have to keep that up every single day. 

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How to Play Sicbo Betting on Live Casino Online

Sicbo is an online casino gambling game that uses dice as its gaming tool. In this game, players will be given time to place bets on the city table. And if your guess is correct, then you will receive a fee according to the amount and type of bet at stake. Sicbo live casino online betting is a game that is very well-liked by the Asian community, especially in Indonesia.

How to play Sic Bo

This game has many types of bets.

  1. The column chooses a single dice if you want to guess one dice from three dice that are shaken randomly. Then choose column number 1, for example, you choose the dice numbers 1, 2, 4, and from 3 dice and if 1 dice appears with 4 then you win. You don’t have to put up only 1 number, you are free to specify how many types you want to enter. And your winnings will be paid according to the amount wagered. For example, each bet is worth 50, then it will be paid 50 according to your bet.
  2. This type of dice column 2 is similar to 1 or a single dice column. But guess 2 different dice at once from 3 different dice. For example, you choose numbers 3 and 4, then look for images that have images with the same number. So if 3 dice appear are 3, 4, 6 then you win and the winning money will double 5. For example, enter 100 and multiply by 5, then it becomes 500.
  3. The betting column for a number of dice or a single number must guess the number of results from 3 dice. So when choosing, you must determine how many dice appear. Then add up, then select the number, and if when shaken the numbers appear according to your choice, then you win.
  4. Each number of dice has multiple values that are different from the number in the number of digits. For example like 4 which has a multiple of 1/61, then your bet will be multiplied by 61 if you win. If you choose value 7 with 50 and the dice that appear 1, 2, 4 then add up to 7 then you win and your money will be multiplied by 12 to 600.
  5. Small and Large Bets is a column provided for players who want to guess a small or large dice, not the size of the dice, but the sum of the three dice. Small has a value from 4 to 10, so if the number is below 10 then Small wins. Likewise, if the number is above 10, including Big, because of Big consists of numbers 11 to 17. Then the winnings will be paid according to your bet. For example, placing 50 then if you win then you will be paid 50.
  6. To choose 2 twin dice, like the picture above, there are twin numbers like 1 1, 2 2, 3 3, 4 4, 5 5, 6 6. So if you bet with the twin dice at number 5 and the dice that comes out 5, 5, 6 then win the game for 2 twin dice and the money will be multiplied by 10. For example, placing 50 will be multiplied by 10 to 500.
  7. Choosing 3 twin dice, similar to guessing 2 twin dice. But this guesses 3 twin dice at once. There are options 1 1 1, 2 2 2, 3 3 3, 4 4 4, 5 5 5, 6 6 6 is an option that can be chosen by the player and for the winning money multiplied by 180. So if the bet is 50 and multiplied by 180, will to 9000.

If interested in Sports betting, you may head to a trusted sportsbook agent online, dewa303. On the site, you will also find many live casino games that you can participate in.

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